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  1. Daniel you have a very unique flourishing and magic style, how did this come about and what do you think of all the "d+m clones" out there?

    and can you explain what you mean by "magis is dead"?
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    1. And what is the secret behind " THE SANDMAN"
    2.A question I'd love the answer to, what is your thoughts on when people are accused of being a "wanne be" of a certain artist.
    3. Do you ever plan on releasing your own deck of cards ( such as D&D )
    4. Why so serious?
  3. What is your creative process like? Do you sit around purposely trying to come up with effects, or do you get random little ideas during the day that you expand upon later when you actually set aside time to do so?

    What is a typical day in the life of d+M like?

    What exactly is "underground magic"?
  4. 1. What is the UMC? There isn't much info on it .................
    2. Is there a story behind CHANGE? How did you get the idea any influences that helped ect.
    3. Are your parents supportive of what you do? And did you ever tell them about you card counting life?
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    Please answer! Do you think that you could do hunger again? Why or why not.

    Who's awesomer:
    A: chuck norris
    B: A
    C: A and B
    D: All of the above
  6. 1. How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could Chuck Norris?

    2. Do you find the the reactions to your magic change in different countries. Or is it generally the same?

  7. I found myself watching Fred Kaps not too long ago. Through this video I saw cyril takayama and a little bit of d+M, and other great modern magicians/flourishers. I find that magic is similar to today's hip hop/rap and R&B scene. magic these days seem to only be a revised and slightly modified old trick. They say that you cant teach an old dog new tricks (but are there really any new tricks that can be taught)?

    what do you feel about my comments?
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    do you regret cheating in poker

    how is your dog doing

    what is your favorite magic trick that you have created

    what is your favorite magic trick you didn't create

    are you going on a lecture tour

    who is your favorite magician to watch

    whats your favorite deck to use

    do you have your own custom deck

    who is your favorite flourisher
  9. do you see your *Hunger* a success?
    what have you gained from the stunt?
    was it worth it?

    How does your kind of *dark figure or persona* help you when performing?
    Does *Devils Advocates Productions* help add to the mystery of your magic?
    What i mean by this is the phrase *Works for the devil* not being a literal term
    but maybe adding to the mystery of your magic?

    hope that makes since

    whats your favorite playing cards?
    do you text message?
  10. 1. Besides getting fooled by G's Pair Trick what was the last trick that fooled the crap out of you?

    2. Has there ever been a flourish that you could just never get down?
  11. You're both a great magician as well as flourisher. Do you consider the two forms separate art forms or do you think of Flourishing as a way to accentuate your magic?
  12. Are you going to produce your own brand of cards?
    What projects are you working on at the moment or in the future?
    What are your favorite books on magic?
    Who are your favorite magicians and creators?
    What is your favroite double lift?
    Who are the other flourishers that you admire the most?
  13. You seem to have a unique style in cardistry in that you "move" with the cards, my question is was this something you developed over time, or did it come natural to you?

  14. Change has been a creation of yours that's been buzzing in the magic world for almost two years now. Do you ever plan on releasing and teaching it? Or is it something you want to hold on to?
  15. 1. you've created a LOT of effects in recent years, where are they all coming from?

    2. As an american I hear a lot of jokes about the English (pip pip cherio, tea and crumpets, west ham football from a few years ago haha) which do you find most annoying?

    3. What books or material would you recommend for someone looking to do gambling flavored routines? Chemistry teacher who used to live somewhere outside of London told me a great joke everyone here could appreciate.
    (as a side note, this is set in Bill Clinton's precidency)

    there are three differences between the English and Americans
    1.We speak english and americans don't
    2.when we (the english) have "world chanmpionships" we actually invite other countries to compete.
    3.Lastly, when you meet our ruler, you only have to get down on one knee. HAHA
  16. I hear u recently got marry, has that special someone (your wife) influence you on creating any new material before and after you got marry?

    How do you feel of been look up on the magic and flourishing community?

    Who do you thing is the coolest (other than yourself) of the Theory11 artist?
  17. Daniel, what advice can you give to newcomers who are interested in learning the art of card flourishing?

    Also, do you recommend that these newcomers pick up your dvd's first; or have them pick up something else to start off with and then work their way to your dvd's?

  18. Why is everything you release in black and white?
  19. What is some of your own advice that you would give to make Flourishing for anyone perfect or better other than practicing a lot?

    Are you ever planing on coming to Canada specifically Toronto, Ontario?
  20. What is the best reaction you have ever gotten in your magic career?

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