Saturday Night Contest :: d+M roundtable discussion

Apr 28, 2008
1) I see the term 'underground' being thrown around a lot around, I notice that you seem to use it quite frequently yourself. What does this term mean to you? Is it simply a marketing term or is there some real meaning to it, is it a genre of magic, or a way of looking at magic etc?.

2) I notice that in Collateral you refer to it as being the last book of it's kind (I can't remember the exact wording right now), does this reflect a change in your perceptions or approach to magic?

3) What's your approach to hecklers? It appears in Dangerous you have a fairly laid back style, how would you try and control somebody who is trying to cause trouble and disrupt your performance? Are there any steps you take to prevent this from happening? Also, what do you think motivates somebody to be a heckler?
Sep 1, 2008
You create great flourishes, how much time and practice did it take you to perfect them?

Did you ever try to do someone else's flourishes? Like Dan and Dave's? Did you succeed?

Do you ever plan to do a stunt like hunger sometime in the near future?
May 3, 2008
What is the best reaction you have ever gotten in your magic career?

What is your favorite trick to perform that you invented, and what is your favorite trick to perform that you didn't invent? Why?
Great Roundtable by the way.

I almost didn't see that. :)
Sep 1, 2007
If you could jam with any flourisher, who would it be?

A lot of people say your flourishes are out dated, and old school, and that you should make your flourishes more modern. What is you response to this?

Out of all the t11 team, which one of them would come the closest to beating Chuck Norris in a fight?

James Wise Magic

Elite Member
Dec 28, 2007
Question 1: Dan and Dave say they use to commit themselves to about 10 hours a day practicing, my question is about how long do you practice to get so fluent and good?

Question 2: What Happened to you in the starvation stunt??
Jul 11, 2008
Over the rainbow
What do you think about the current cardistry community?

Since a lot of people are getting REALL creative these days, do you personally think you can keep up and still make your own material?
Apr 25, 2008
1. What advice would you give to new flourishers
2.How did you find your style in flourishing
3. how do you start making a new flourish?

Oct 13, 2007
Questions for Daniel

On your website in your bio it refers to your previous time with using sleights and your "love for deception" in the gambling world. I would like to know how and why did you choose to come across the gambling area of sleights before taking your passions into a different realm of magic?
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