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  1. Without who, would you not be at where you are today?

    When I think of the word "Symphony", I think of blending in music. Does this project have content that can "blend" well togther in a routine?

    How long did this project take to plan? Did you create material for the project or did you create the project for your material? (Which came first?)
  2. Did you leave the stove on?
  3. What's your favorite type of pizza?
    Do you use a Mac or a PC?
    Do you play any instrument? If yes, which ones?
  4. How does it fell to be you (Danny Garcia!!!), to be famous? and to know that thousands of people all around the world admire your work.
  5. Do you have a job other than being a magician?
    When did you realize you were a funny guy?
  6. "... Is this your card?"
    "... Did you just fart?"
    "... :eek: Oh! I'm sorry, Cheese?"
    "... Hey Danny? ... Do you think all dogs really go to heaven?"
    "You weren't really in the kictchen with Dinah... were you?"

    What do you think is the most important thing that every magician should be aware of, at all times?

    In terms of any effect you know, not just what you've created, What's your favorite piece of magic to perform? And why?

    In terms of anything, at all, What had the biggest effect on you so far, in your life?

    40, 45 years down the road, your old, on what could be your last few years, do you think you're gonna look back and wish you did anything differently?

    Almost along the same lines, not to get to morbid for anyone, but years and years from now, you're not here anymore, what do you want to be remembered for above anything else?

  7. Are there any stage effects, or effects that can easily be adapted for a stage performance?
  8. Where do you get your hats?
  9. DG,

    Do you believe that you'll be performing magic, professionally, for the rest of your life?

    What do you love most about performing magic?

    Which medium of magic(Aside from cards) would you pick if you could only work in one medium for the rest of your life?
  10. Most of your effects are closeup personal moments of magic. Some of which can be adapted to stage but forthe most part shine In The closeup arena.
    Have you ever stepped into a more formalized parlor or stage magic setting? If so what character do you present on stage? If not have you ever considered it and what character have you considered putting forth?

    What is the most meaningful performance moment of yours? A moment where you knew you truly struck home with your audience?

    What do you think magic as a whole could do without?

    Do you think every magician has the obligation to create their own effects? Or is it ok to use retailed effects to make a living as long as the prese ration has been made orIginal?
  11. If I was in a room next to DG.. I would probably ask him where the F my magic magazine issue of him is at.

    I would also ask him why he ripped up my force card.

    I would also ask him why he took my friend's camera and deleted the pretty picture.

    I would also ask him when we are going to session again.

    I'd ask him if he is going to Abbots this year.

    I would also ask if he has any of those extra shrimps that he uses for miracles ( YOu know what I am talking about Danny)

    Ohhh.. Id also ask why he never answeres his phone.. yea.. thats a good one.

    I also would ask him if he would get me some of those elastic bands he has.

    I'd also ask him to give me a makeover.

    Just a few little things I neeved to get off my mind.

    ~ Z. Lambert

    P.S. Cerca Trova B!(#H
  12. I'm assuming you were a Pressure contest winner and did not receive his prize?

  13. Sounds like you're in a room next to DG allot huh?
  14. 1. On the Jay Sankey edition of Reel Magic Quarterly you had an interview with Wayne Kamamoto and you talked about the DGP 1,2 and 3 as well as future projects like "Methods" you said that instead of coming up with another set of DGP 4,5 and 6 you'd rather call it methods.. so does it mean there will be no Method but DGP 4,5 and 6?

    why a sudden change of heart???

  15. The contest has been over for an hour and a half now. The wait begins! (...or began, rather...I was out for a while, after I posted my response, hence the lateness...)

  16. We have had our fair share of fun.

    P.S. Danny, if you're out there.. I threw away your Chik Fil A cup!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I also have a pic of you on my phone that I will blackmail you with.. muahahahah..

  17. How do you create an original magic effect ? Do you imagine it first then start working on it, How long does this process takes usually, and how do you judge the practicality of the effect?

    Who was that guy who slapped you in one of your videos ?
  18. So when will the vid be posted?
  19. ...

    Looks like Wednesday. :)

    As for the specific time, I'm not fully sure, but if I were to guess it'd probably be either 7pm EST, 9pm EST, or 11pm EST (because those are popular times for hosting chats online, so it seems). I'd put my money on 11pm EST, though, for obvious reasons (everything happens at 11pm EST on T11, heh).

    Either way, I'm sure we'll learn more specific details as Wednesday approaches. :)
  20. Bayme, just wondering, could the time of the chat be around 7 - 9 pm EST?

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