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  1. 1.- what do you think about signing stuff on a trick? i came up with this question because i read a post on the pressure trailer in which someone asks if they can sign the balloon. No offense but why the hell would you sign a balloon, with air on it?! its not like you can palm it or switch it! plus, it just dont go... like: a NINJA with a GUN! so Danny xD what do you think?

    2.- Where else do you work doing magic other than dvds and david blaine?

    3.- On ultragaff you put some extra cards that doesnt come with an explanation leaving aside the part of making people come up with something, you guys said that if you came up with something you would show it. Has something come out from any of those cards, or you guys just put them aside?

    4.- When you perform for an audience, do you tell them you got magical powers or that its sleight of hand?

    5.- How many ninja star can you block with a nunchuck?

    6.- What was the last time you got caught?

    7.- What do you say when you TOTALLY get caught? ( i laugh xD and say i messed up)
  2. only 3 questions. This tends to be forgotten around page 3.
  3. Since the creation question has been thoroughly been through I'll ask something else.

    If you could go back in time and choose a career where you made good money (6 figure salary) and somewhat enjoyed what you do, or would you have chosen the same path as a magician?
  4. Where do you get your inspiration?

    Do you think presentation is more important than method?

    What got you started in magic?
  5. Danny Garcia

    Question 1

    Do you like cheesecake?

    Question 2

    Have you participated in a cheesecake eating competition/bet?

    Question 3

    Do you have pictures of the after effects of eating to much cheesecake?

    Question 4

    How long have you lived in Texas?

    Question 5

    If you have gone to a college, which one?

    Question 6

    Coke or Pepsi?

    Question 7

    Which future convention do you know you will be attending?

    Question 8

    How many decks of cards do you own?

    Question 9

    What game counsel will I most likely find at your establishment WII, Nintendo 64, PS2-3, Xbox etc?

    Question 10

    You did Guerilla guide Loops, do you have any further tips on how to effectively use a loop or any invisible threads for that matter?

    Question 11

    Do you own an Ipod or mp3 player, if so what genre of songs are on the ipod/mp3 player?
  6. 1. In one of the ultragaff dvd's, Wayne mentioned you had a wallet coming out for Gaff cards. When can we expect that?

    2. how old were you when you started doing magic?

    3. are you planning any lecture tours in the future?
  7. 1. Where do you enjoy performing magic the most?
    2. What other tricks inspired you to create pressure?
    3. Are your parents still getting freaked out over your amazing magic?
  8. Question 2. Like most magicians there comes a time that you have a roadblock in magic, whether it be not enjoying it or just simply stuck. Have you ever had this happen to you personally and how did you overcome it?

    Question 3. Out of all the street magic effects you have seen and used which one or two have you really been jealous about and wished you had thought of it first?

    Appreciate it Danny.
  9. *Do you miss the feeling of beeing fooled by magic?

    *When did you realize you wanted to become a professional magician?

    *Has magic ever had any negative consequences on your life?

  10. 1). How's your foot?
  11. 1. What sparked your interest in pressure?
    2. What got you started with theory11?
    3. Why theory11?- I mean why it than any other magic group/company out there?
  12. Who came up with the whole anonymous deal?
    What made you decide to call the effect Pressure?
    Who came up with the general idea to take a cell phone and put it through a balloon?
  13. What inspires you to do music ?

    Who created Gator Boots? and where can i learn it?

    Is Pressure impromtu ?
  14. Hi, Danny!

    What idea make you created pressure?

    How come you so creative to created the magic?
  15. 2). Who likes balloons more you or Dan White?
  16. 3). What type of hats do you like?
  17. -Do you feel that mainstream media (MindFreak, Youtube, etc) have been a good, or bad thing for magic? Does it change spectators expectations for a trick in a good or bad way?

    -How serious of a problem has revealing magic tricks been for you personally? Does it hold you back from putting new things on the market?
  18. How long did it take you , alex, and angel to draw all over the table at the february initiation HAOM IBM banquet? Also, i think the pope was there.

  19. do u like sushi? or tacos
    what is your favorite joke?
    here is one. why did the picture go to jail? cause it got framed
    who killed jfk

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