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  1. 1. How many licks does it take?
    2. When was a time where you severely messed up a trick but were able to pick up the pieces and create an effect better than you expected?
    3. What is the craziest concept/idea you can think of that you would love to see turned into an effect or are working on turning into an effect?

    Thanks Danny. Keep it real.
  2. Do you think doing magic at a restaurant can help improve audience management?
  3. 1. Did you ever, or do you still have any family members that perform magic? If so, how have they influenced you?

    2. Do you carry a certain prop with you everywhere? If so, what is it?

    3. Have you ever watched Open Water with CK?

    -Sam H
  4. From the effects have you have released it is apparent that you do not limit yourself to one genre of magic (e.g. cards). What, if any, is your favorite type of magic and why?
  5. 1. what is your favorite item to work with (cards, coins, ropes, bottles, etc)?
    2. when did this you being a ninja thing start?
    3. whats your favorite product you've released?
  6. Hey Danny

    1. When you come up with an idea for an effect, does it seem that the craziest ideas are the ones that end up working, or the simplest ideas work more often?

    2. Have you ever performed an effect that went so horribly wrong that it ended up actually becoming something else during performance and ended up astonishing the spectator(s)?

    3. Have you ever farted really loud while performing an effect, and if so, what did you do? Did you incorporate it into the effect?

    Number 3 was going to be me asking when you're going to send me tricycle but I decided against that ;)
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    How do you go about creating your effects?

    Out of all of your performances, which performance meant the most to you or you enjoyed the most?

    How was it working with david blaine, did you have a nunchuck battle with him?

    by the way you are my fav magician!!!!
  8. What trick brings you back to the time when you thought magic was real and why?
  9. 1) Which do you prefer: Performing or Creating?

    2) Do you think that what the spectator sees is more important than what they remember? Or do you think that a combination of both is more desirable?

    Leading on from 2...

    3) What feeling do you strive to leave your spectators with? The feeling that makes you go "YES!" on the inside (and maybe on the outside I guess) when you can see you've shown them pure magic.

    - Sean
  10. A nice piledrive to the face

    Dear Mr. Garcia,

    What was it like living on a tour bus with the unknown but amazing Andrew??
  11. How many 'accidents' have turned into moves or effects for you?

    What kind of music do you listen to the most? genre or artist.

    How many, or what are most notable, trick methods have you learned only to use them in or with another trick you already had or were creating? (like control + stop!)
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    1. I noticed you have many tricks with beer bottles and smoking
    ex: No smoking, Third Degree, Addict , whassup! ....
    Are you a smoker/alcoholic?:p

    2. Did you have a hard childhood?

    3. Can Pressure be done with a condom?

    Ps: i don't usually carry balloons with me!:D
  13. When you first started did you ever try to act like another magician you saw?
  14. Pressure

    1. What or who helped you get into the art of magic?
    2. How long did it take you to complete the effect Pressure?(putting it all together the idea and performance wise)
    3.Lastly if you can say anything about this how does this differ from jay sankey's airtight?
  15. Hey Danny, good to talk to you, bro.

    My question is fairly simple. You and I have talked a handful of times on various subjects related to magic (and related to useless super powers... but thats another story =D ) but one thing always shines through, your passion for the art.

    I understand that you have practiced magic for over 20 years at this point, what keeps you going? What keeps that passion alive? I believe you have touched on this in your lecture in the past, thought it might be good for some people here on the board to hear.

    Thanks again man.

  16. 1.How many methods do you go through before finding the right one?
  17. How did you get from newb to where you are today?
  18. 2.How does this trick (pressure) differ from any other cellphone through a thingy? Why?
  19. Why did you name the effect pressure?
  20. 1) Who or what is your one main inspiration?
    2) Do you remember the reaction from the first trick you ever performed in public, and if so, what was it?
    3) Nowadays, it seems like every trick is a copy of a copy of a variation of a copy. What is your creation process for coming up with such original and groundbreaking material?

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