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    What's up guys! I hope you all are doing fantastic this week! To celebrate the release of REF4M last night, we are going to let you all get to know more about Blake. So tonight, we are going to be doing a Roundtable Discussion!

    This is how it works:
    All you have to do is post a maximum of 3 questions that you would want to ask Blake. These questions can be about how he came up with REF4M, what inspired him to do magic, etc (anything related to magic). You can post only once, so make these questions count!

    We will pick as many questions as possible to answer in the podcast recorded later this evening. One random member who submits a question tonight will receive a REF4M DVD on the house. Ready, set, go!

    EDIT: Thank you guys for chiming in and asking the great questions, click here to listen to the full 30 minute podcast. Enjoy!

    Listen Now! Blake Vogt Podcast

    With that said, the winner of this week's SNC is Jenai with post #35. Congrats! Contact us to receive a free copy of REF4M shipped on the house! Thanks again to all who participated!
  2. How did you come up with REF4M?
    What inspired you to do magic, etc?
    Why can I only post once?
  3. How long have you been doing magic?
  4. 1st Question : When you want to think of these effects, do you go to like, a quiet place or anything?

    2nd Question : Where do you see yourself as a magician in say, 20 years?

    So, that's it.
  5. Hello and greetings from Poland.

    My question is how it was the creation process of Ref4m, was it your goal from begginig to have a perfect torn and restored or it was a surprise?

    Secondly, how to pronouce Your last name? jk :p

    Greetings and goodnight gonna listen this tommorow mornin :)
  6. Hey guys.
    Blake, how does magic influence your daily life?
    How long did it take you to fully create and develop REF4M?
    What is your favorite genre of magic?
  7. who is better, you or calen,
    what is your favorite planet
    why are you always smiling
  8. reply

    what inspires you to create?
    do you have a favorite magician?
    what book inspired you the most?
  9. Last I knew you were taking classes at Purdue, now that you are part of the Chris Kenner "think" tank for David Copperfeild...

    1. Will you finish your classes?
    2. How has this changed your life?
    3. Do you think you and Calen will come up with an effect together and release it?
  10. 1. Describe the events and experiences that led up to you getting hired to work for David Copperfield. I think that'd be an interesting story for everyone to learn from.

    2. Who would win in a fight between you and Calen Morelli?

    3. When it comes to creating new magic, what do you believe constitutes a solid, practical effect?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  11. What was the first trick you ever learned?
    Who was the first person you performed for (not professionally, family counts) and what was the reactions?

    Great first release, congratulations!

  12. 1. If you could have anybody's hands for a day who would it be?
    2. What is it like to work for David Copperfield
    3. Who would win in a fight, Andrei Jikh or Zach Mueller
  13. 1- What inspired you to create REF4M
    2- Do you think you will be releasing more with theory 11 in the future?
  14. 1. who gave you the biggest influence in magic? and how you respond to it and make it suit to your personality of your magic?

    2. what is the best opportunities you got in your life? especially magic opportunities. (such as you have opportunities to perform magic with someone you admire or you can discuss with your magic idol. )

    3. How if you got through discouraging moments (if any) and kept your passion for magic "hungry"?

    thats all
    good luck^^
  15. 1) There has been some criticism about this particular handling for a TnR effect, given that the card cannot be handed out restored (only torn up afterward). How would you respond to that criticism?

    2) What is your creative process like? As in, what led to the creation of this effect?

    3) What else can we look forward to with regard to future releases from you? Rather, will you be back again to release some more amazing effects?

    Thanks! :)
  16. 1. What torn and restored effect inspired REF4M the most?

    2. Do you plan on releasing any other effects of yours?

    3. How do you feel your TNR compares to others good or bad, and why?

    Thanks T11 and Blake!
  17. Here are the questions ...
    1. Where did you get the idea to create REF4M ?
    2. What kind of magician are you ? (Coin , Card Tricks , Cardistry or General Magic )
    3. Are you a first generation magician or does it run in the family ?
    Thank you .
  18. How did you get Involved with theory 11?
    Explain your thought process not only for ref4m but for your other effects?
    Who is your inspiration?
  19. Having your experience in magic now, if you could go back to your first years of learning magic, what would you change?
  20. whats up Blake

    question #1 What magician inspired you to learn magic?

    #2 How long did it take you to create ReF4m?

    #3 What is your Favorite deck to use when you do ReF4m?

    thank you for your time theory 11 and Blake Vogt

    your an amazing magician keep it up

    michael anspach

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