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  1. Happy birthday David

    David, your magic, your persona and your spirit have made me realize that magic is so much more than card tricks, it goes beyond that. I personally have battled alchol addiction for 8 years....but over the many many years you seem to overcome obstacles an overcome your fears. It made realize how precious life really is an how much i live for the day to become something. Thank u david for showing me that magic is art of giving an sharing an expirence, not just trickery. (By the way i've been sober for 2 1/2 months)
  2. I may update this later.

    I remember Watching david blaine on his first street magic special. I walked into my kitchen and saw it on the tv. I have always been slightly into magic before this, so it was natural for me to want to watch. I dont remember the introduction to the show very well but i remember the first trick like it was yesterday. David Blaine, sitting in the street telling the camera man to come over. He riffled through the cards, and said, remember one you saw. Took a card that wasnt mine, flicked it and it changed into my card. I remember that clear as crystal. I also remember his ACR, his arm twist, his Card through window, his 2 card monte, transpo. But i will never forget his first trick. This sparked an idea in my head. Anywhere i go, i can take something, or someone, and make a memory in their head that lasts. That first card trick, will always be in my mind, till im 80 years old. i'll be able to tell people about it. I now know how he did it, but i will always remember my reaction to that trick. HOLY COW through the TV! how did he do that?

    I can take anything, be it magic, music, or even helping someone , and make it a memory. It doesnt have to be hard to do, but it can happen. I can take a deck of 52 cards, and go to someone i have never met before, and leave them with a story they may tell their friends for years to come!

    I first started with magic through my grandma. she gave me this book, the Klutz book of magic. I loved every word in that book. Recently My Grandma passed away about 3 weeks ago. I went to my grandpas house to help him through the day. two of his friends came over, saw my cards and asked me if i play poker, i said no, i play magician. they told me that they think card tricks are one of the most pure forms of magic they can think of. no flashy stage, no camera tricks, just cards and the magician. they asked if i could show them a trick, i said, of course. I showed them an ACR, a Triumph, and then that opening trick that David Blaine did. They loved every minute. After i told them how my grandma started me in with magic, they said that it was fantastic. Then they said, your just as good as that David Blaine Fella.

    Not just me, a magician, but others in the world were affected by his magic. I love it, The couple i showed magic to loved it, and so did my grandmother. Magic is a thing that leaves lasting impressions into everyones minds, and david blaine was the man, who brought it to my kitchen tv that one night, that changed the way i looked at magic, and memories, forever.
    Happy Birthday, and much more, Thank you David Blaine.
  3. Awesome idea, and first I’d just like to wish David a happy birthday.

    I have a very interesting story, lets get started.

    I still remember that one night when I was seven years old, sitting on our couch and watching TV with my family. I can’t remember what show we were watching, but after it ended, my family members got up to go play a game of cards (poker, I think). I was tired (both of poker and physically), so I decided to stay on the couch. After the commercial break, a David Blaine magic special began to air. I was unsure about what they meant by "street magic", but I was intrigued by the mystique of the introduction, and decided to watch.

    I was in a state of complete and utter amazement at the end of the program. Meanwhile, my family had finished playing cards, and I decided to try some of his tricks out. I can still remember my frustration when I snapped my fingers, and the selected card wouldn’t rise to the top of the deck.

    I looked in our phone book for a magic store. I found a few, but the one that intrigued me the most was the Eagle Magic Store. In the little ad, it had a quote, "We are the oldest magic store in the country, and we have had everyone in here. Stop by today!"

    I cut the ad out, and begged my mom almost relentlessly until one day, she finally agreed to take me to the magic store. I struck up a good relationship with the owner, Larry, one that I still enjoy today. Anyway, when I first walked in, I couldn’t keep my seven year old mouth shut. I blabbered on and on about David Blaine, and how “awesome” his effects were. Larry liked my enthusiasm, and gave me a deck of Bicycle cards that David Blaine had signed. Holding this in my hand was better to me than holding a solid block of gold. I still have that deck today, unopened, and I look at whenever I need inspiration.

    Larry also taught me a few very simple card tricks, some of which David had performed on the television special. I performed these non-stop, and would perform them along with David whenever he was on TV.

    While David’s magic is some of the best out there, I began to appreciate and recognize him for his stunts as I grew older. They seemed impossible, inhuman, if you will. I looked up to him as a normal person does to Superman.

    I wanted to be just like him, so as you would expect, I tried to hold my breath for 8 minutes. I actually passed out for about two minutes after attempting this, and since then, I have done only magic, no inhuman stunts.

    He was my idol as I grew older, whenever I was in a slump, I would watch one of his street magic specials (I had all of them recorded), and I would look at what he accomplished. The fact that he could get such reactions with people and affect them on such a deep, personal level was astonishing to me. I remember saying to myself, “Hey, if he can do it, so can I. I just need more practice”.

    He not only affected my magic life, but my personal and school life as well. I am a naturally shy person, and if I wouldn’t have been introduced to magic, I never would have obtained my social status that I have today. Magic sort of got me out of my shell, and helped me express myself. Now that I am older, I could do just fine without magic, but I couldn’t have gotten here without it.

    He made me want to do well in everything. Looking at how much he had accomplished in his life was breathtaking. Knowing that he was once just like me, a young kid messing with some cards, was unbelievably inspiring. I wanted to become just like him, and I knew that all it took was determination and practice. I applied this all throughout my life, and I began to excel in nearly everything - I have gotten straight A's, I play multiple instruments, I’m in good shape, and I can do magic.

    David Blaine was and is the most influential person that I have seen. He made my life better, he inspired me to follow my dreams and do my best. Thanks, David. I appreciate it.

    Once again, I would like to wish David a very happy birthday.
  4. I am from Malaysia , live at a small town , never know what is magic at my childhood , until I see David Blaine TV magic show.

    My dad got buy a "KID MAGIC" book for me when I at Primary school , but I not interest to learn it , because I never see magic effect before , how do i believe magic can create special illusion effect after reading the book.

    Until secondary school , I got chance watch David Blaine TV magic show , DB perform Ambitous card routine in the TV , this trick(I feel like real magic that time) make me feel like wanna scream WTH!

    After that , I waiting for David Blaine TV magic show every Friday , DB always give me surprise , especially he make the coffee cup full of coin.

    Begin that time , I start to read the "KID MAGIC" book seriously , try to understand the way to make magic happen.

    When I start join in magic world because for DB , I try to find DB stuff , but he didnt release any magic book and video at that time.

    So , I always waiting for his TV magic show , try to figure out the way of DB performance , learn the style of DB.

    DB still my hero until now.:D
  5. Hi David. It isn't exactly necessary to write out a long and detailed analysis on my magic career, because you gave me the one thing that has inspired life into me. Magic. Friends. Before I did magic, I was a nerd. people didn't hang out with me. It can make the most difference when you are young and nobody wants to bother with you. I was beat up and yelled at and near suicidal! I remember one incident where I hid in the bathroom making fun of myself because of pure hatred towards myself. Then in 2005 your TV special came on and I loved it. I loved people loving you. I loved people liking you. I loved people laughing with you rather than AT you. You were what everybody wanted to be, at least to me. I looked up some magic tricks on google and people actually accepted me. My parents finally excepted me after ignorance being thrown at me. I only wondered, WHY, up to that point. I remember doing that trick with the 2 quarters, one on each palm and the coin goes across to the other hand. My family loved it. I loved it. It inspired me to work harder. In time I started actually taking this seriously and I eventually started to get noticed by people. I went out with the cutest girl in school all because of magic. All because of you. You are the answer to my question: What is the meaning of life?

  6. David Blaine is the person who actually got me into magic. When he started his tv specials I would just sit, stare, and watch in amazment. I couldn't even speak! The reactions he got from me and his spectators were just AMAZING. I wanted to amaze people just like he did. Everytime I would see some magic kit in a store I would remember the reactions David got and beg for the kit. One effect imparticular impacted me (besides the levetations, Man I love those!) ALOT. It was his ACR routine. Even though I know how he does it now, he still fools me! From what I've seen and heard he seems like and honestly good person.

    Now that I preform and see how tough it is to control an audience I see that the was he controls his is just impeccable.

    To this day I still want to be like him.

  7. Well i remember when one of his first street magic television special came on. My parents were watching it and i wandered over and started watching, this was before i started doing magic. I first saw him do a few tricks that I pretended to understand but really i was totally baffled. Then he did his card through window trick and I flipped out! Not only that, but he later did his levitation act. I know now how the balducci levitation works, but i remember being so amazed when i saw it. I thought about it all night and kept looking for his specials on for the next few weeks. Sometime my freshman year in high school i started watching that same special on youtube and the wonder came rushing back. I started looking at forums and videos, some good and some bad, and I finally picked up a deck of cards, and I haven't put it down since.
  8. To say it pointblank, david blaine has just rediefined magic for me. He gives people the a real sense of aw, astonishment and also real magic. I began magic bc of criss angel to be honest, but it was bc he was the first real magician i seen. Now when i see db I feel like i am inspired to just start over. He does magic that i could see myself doing, which gives me more confidence in magic. When u watch him i feel like there are more people being inspired to join the magic community. I hope that he just continues to do what he does in the future.
    well thats the way i feel about db. im pretty sure a lot of u might say the same also.
  9. Thank you.
  10. Before knowing or seeing David perform magic,I had discovered it through books because I was such a bookworm at the age of 4...or maybe I was 5.
    In this book I found there were all these stories of men who could do incredible things.Produce coins at will,levitate people,and escape the chains that bound them.Truly incredible things. And to me it seemed something that you were born with. To me they were like the real life superheroes id hear about but never questioned that what they did was to entertain and inspire.Reading those books really inspired me in thinking that whatever wanted to do,I could.Not academically though,but as a kid conquer whatever fears I had and climb that scary tree that all the other older kids climbed but I never did out of fear.
    I had thought that those days of robert-houdin and magic in general were over.
    I didnt have a T.V. until I was about 6 so I didnt know much that went on. It always seemed like the greats times of the U.S. were gone.The 1920's,the times of alexander hermann and orson welles.
    When I did begin watching T.V. I caught this show about magic.
    And it seemed empty.There was something about it that just let me down when I saw the title "greatest magicians" or something like that.
    The magic was good,but there wasnt any of the dark romanticism of what I had read about.
    Just lots of cheesy lines and bad jokes.There was technique but no substance.
    And then when i was seven I caught David blaines special 'street magic'.
    It caught my eye immediately because he looked so mysterious and eccentric,and he didnt have to wear the magician outfit at the time to look it.
    And the first time that magic had been done to me was by david.
    Through the television screen he found my card.It was impossible.Absolutely no way that he could have know something that I had in my mind.But he did.
    The show didnt conentrate so much on him though,but on the people who he was doing it for.
    And I thought "wow" this was it.This is how magic should be portrayed to people.
    Something that is solely for them to enjoy and to be amazed at.
    And subconsciously make them think and question about what is and not possible.
    Where truth is born from lies.
    And still today,he inspires me to become a better performer and to show people real magic and not just tricks or fancy flourishes.
    Thank you david.
    For bringing real magic back to the world.
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    I've been wanting to do a theory11 contest for a while, but being in the UK makes it difficult. I felt this was the right occasion to spend the time and effort. I really wanted to express myself the right way, so i've made a video.

    Here it is:
    Password: theory11

  12. First off I would like to say Happy Birthday to David Blaine.

    It’s astounding how the people you don’t know are the one that leave the biggest impact on you, and that’s how it started with me and the day I heard of his name and his TV Special. So here is my story…

    What effect has this individual had on you?

    David Blaine has been one of my influence, role model and HERO in magic. In my opinion he has brought a new level of magic to this era and redefined it. He is the reason why I’m writing this essay and the reason why I perform magic to amaze people. He interested in me in magic and to do the impossible. Whenever I was down this was the person that could bring my spirits back up and made me to believe in myself and to, move forward. His dedication and the way he pushes himself to perform his stunts to destroy the line between the impossible and reality and what the body can achieve is the same way I see challenges and obstacles in my life, I push myself no matter what anyone thinks or says about me. For example, his Drowned Alive Special, he did not achieve the stunt the first time, but he came back and proved that he could do anything if you put your mind to it, and that’s what I try to show and prove to people that to be yourself and you can do anything and make your dreams and accomplishments come true if you put your heart to it.

    How has his career affected your life? How has his performance style affected your magic?

    It was he that involved me in performing for not only friends and family, but strangers as well. I was him get rejected and knew that it was ok to be knocked down, but to stand up with your head higher. He sparked my interest into magic and to do what everyone thought was impossible. Magic was something that I did to get away from everybody and was different to everybody’s common hobby. His personality, his actions, and the way he connected with his audience and made them part of the magic, and believe it was real is the way I perform today, and that’s when I realized that’s something that I wanted to do. My performance style is similar to DB’s. I leave my spectator’s mind with a picture of the striking magic and the moment that made it special, just like Blaine. His style of leaving everyone and anyone intrigued

    Did you get started and inspired in magic - like Dan and Dave - after seeing him on television? What effect has he had on you - and why?

    Yes, very similar story. As my family was flipping through the channels on the Television screen I told them to stop at a DB: Special and I was blown away to ‘witnesses the magic through my TV screen. It was his ACR routine that had me astonished and dumbfounded and I couldn’t believe my eyes, I thought it was TV effects, but was I wrong. I then searched through the internet and video sharing sites not to learn the methods, but to see his other performances as I wanted to be amazed. I sat there for hours and hours being amazed more each time I saw the effect and the spectator’s reactions. His magic was something that made me believe and every now and then I re-watch these videos to take me back in time to where I was before I started my career.

    What effect has he had on you - and why?

    DB has had a massive impact in my life and magic career. He was the first magician that I made me say “WOW” or “WOAH”. He was the magician that made the way I perform today and the reason I respect him and the art of magic. He was the one that made everything happen and where I am today. From viewing from the box to the streets and soon to be stage. He was the one that opens my eyes and made me from my ambitions and dreams and where I want to go from there. What I love about DB is the way he interacts and gives to people; changing coffee into money and giving it to a poor man and changing money and giving to a family and my favorite of them all giving his time to talk, visit and give magic and items to an ill patient that was in love in magic made myself want to tear up, because I have never seen a magician that cares that much to help and that’s what I really love. In my opinion David Blaine was a superhero that could define and achieve the impossible. Thank you David Blaine!​
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    I wouldn't say I'm the best of magicians, it's definitely a love of mine but it is far from the focus of my life. As such, David Blaine hasn't really affect the practice of magic for me. Sure, he's influenced a lot of magicians to adopt a "street magic" type persona, but I really dislike that and have tried my best to stay away from it in every way. Okay, so that was a negative start, but it leads me to how he really has inspired me. I've always looked at Blaine not as a magician but a man accomplishing his dreams. He does magic to pay for what he really wants, and that is to push himself to the limits.

    It's great to see somebody who doesn't care to impress, he only goes where he wants and challenges himself to do what he isn't sure he can do. I've taken a lot from looking at the way he is, and I can't help but admire his striving to please himself. Sure, along the way he brings joy to countless people and I'm sure that is something he wants to do, but he does everything for himself. Inside David is a passion that I can safely say I believe 99% of people lack. While everybody else tries to adapt to the mainstream and mimic everybody around them (and outdo them at their own style), David simply strays away into his own world and accomplishes what he wants to.

    I don't think many people truly see what lies inside of David. They think of him as arrogant and emotionless. Many see him as somebody who does incredible magic. I can't help but see neither of those (of course his magic is great, but that's not what makes him who he is.) There's just too much to David that I feel is missed by the general public and even those that look up to him. He's a great man, and I fully respect him and what he does. I just think it's superficial to think of him as his magic, and not as the deep person he is.

    Happy birthday David Blaine

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    No impact

    No One, NO IMPACT, David blaine has no impact in me because I really didn´t see him on TV, or anywhere, I really don´t watch TV a lot and here in mexico david blaine is not that famous and unlike people here, he didn´t inspire me to do magic, it was something else...

    I think that a lot of people admire him because of the street magic and the image of the contemporanean magician he brought to the world, I believe that he has contribute a lot to magic today, but for me... we´ll when I first saw him on TV I didn´t like it, because of the way he presents the tricks, lack of entusiasm and his boring voice didn´t excited me at all and at that time I wasn´t a magician and magic didn´t interested me.

    that´s what I have to say, this is my opinion, cheers!!!
  15. and time is up.
  16. Like many kids, especially in America, my parents got divorced. I was in 5th grade. My mom met some guy and took me out of the town I grew up in and took me far away from anything I knew.

    Culture shock. Emotional shock. And... no friends.

    I was making up excuses for why I couldn't go to school. Being around people was the last thing I wanted to do. Meanwhile my mom's boyfriend grew increasingly abusive as we became more and more dependent on him.

    Somewhere in the dusty U-Haul boxes in my closet sat a magic book... Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic. I knew it was there. My grandfather gave it to me almost 4 years before. And I could care less. Magic, and other trivial pursuits were the last things on my mind.

    On some rainy Friday, when I had managed to convince my mom to not let me go to school, again... I remember sifting through a dirty cabinet full of tapes and movies and things that weren't mine and never would be. In desperate boredom I popped in a few video tapes. Most were taped episodes of M.A.S.H. or something else.

    Then one... was David Blaine.

    The video started right in the middle of David doing some force right to me through the T.V. I was amazed. I felt an excitement I hadn't felt in so long. I watched the whole thing through, watching in envy as David made people laugh and smile and enjoy life. And I could tell that behind his facade of character, he was having a good time too. I was inspired, like many.

    I grabbed the old magic book from the dusty box and started reading it. In a couple days I went to school, and by what I thought was the best luck of my life, some sociable, likeable girl asked me if I wanted to help her with her science worksheet. We were one of the first to finish and then to pass the time until the end of class, I pulled out a sticky warped souvenir deck I had from Hershey Park. Some little fire inside of me spoke right out of my mouth - something I would never ask.

    "Can I show you something?"

    Almost 7 years later I am a proud magician. That girl... she is now my best friend. And I am a social butterfly. My confidence level is high, I even stand up straighter. And I am not afraid of the world. I have learned that, just like performing a sleight, there is always some sort of battle, whether large or small. But like David Blaine - you must persevere without even breaking a sweat. Recently when looking for a college roommate, I put on my interests "skiing and magic". Even though the college is in Vermont, ski country, many people contacted me for the sole reason I mentioned magic. My mom and I finally got away from her abusive now ex-boyfriend, and she is married to a great guy who I hooked from day one by doing a card through window.

    So yeah... cliche. Long. Probably a little boring. Actually, hey... if you're still reading, no matter who you are, thanks. That means a lot. In fact, I don't care if I win. Just writing this, and putting it into words had made me appreciate even that much more where my life is today and how my magic, which was no doubt inspired by David, has changed me into the mature, challenging and unique girl I am today.

  17. Dayum, the video is epic. Sweet ambitious card routine, dude.
  18. Does that mean the thread goes off topic until the winner is announced now? :p
  19. You're the kind of person magic is for, and I thank you for sharing your story.
  20. Dvaid Blain was the insperationfor me to do my first magic trick when I was six. I went to chapters and spent all my money on this little book of cheap magic tricks and I learned the kings elevatore. He was also the first time I eaver saw a magicien. I still remeber my dad telling me to comme watch this guy on tv when I was in grade to I fell in love with the thought of doing things that were impossible. To this day I still have the recording of his first 2 tv performances on VHS and I still watch them to this day beceause they are so damn inspiring. Happy Birth Day David all the best.


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