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  1. omg that video was just like myne in almost everyway! but i didnt post it because im not sure how to export videos with sony vegas, without it taking forever. so i didnt post it. but it was like the same thing! lol
  2. you know it.
  3. Great submissions tonight by all. We read through each and every one of these - every word, every line. The response we got was far greater than I imagined when I posed the question.

    In simplest form, I think it's a fair summary to say that DB's influence on magic - and magicians - is far more than something that can be summarized in one line. It runs deeper - and for many of us, far more personal.

    Two posts in particular stood out to me most significantly. Those two were Magic Katie and Mat La Vore. In Magic Katie's post, it made a new friend of a perfect stranger. It inspired a passion. It made a difference. In Mat La Vore's post, it brought renewed happiness and affected things much larger than one's self. Both of these posts - and many others - were incredible to read. I can only pick one winner tonight, however, and tonight - it goes to Mat La Vore.

    I will do everything I can to make sure DB sees every post you guys have written here tonight - it's important to me personally as it is a case in point of the power of magic and what DB's vision has achieved.

    Over all else, Happy Birthday.
  4. Congrats Mat La Vore! :)
  5. Amazing submissions tonight, guys. Had a blast reading through each and every post.

    Happy Birthday David!
  6. Congratgulations Mat La Vore! Enjoy your poster. :)

    Great job everyone!
  7. Congratulations Mat!

    Happy Birthday David!
  8. Congrats Mat La Vore! and Happy Birthday David Blaine!
  9. Congrats Mat!
  10. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Loved reading all of your stories. Thanks for sharing everyone! It has always been David's honor to be a part of, and have an influence on, the magic community.
  12. Gratz matt!
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    Wow, that's awesome. Thanks guys. It was cool to share the story because before now I've probably only shared that with about three people. I enjoyed reading everyone else's stories too. Cool contest. And even cooler that I won! :)

    Happy Birthday, David. And thanks again for the great inspiration you have given to so many of us.
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    the winning post is a good idea of what David Blaine does for me and many other people. :)

    on a side note congrats to the winner and today is also my birthday!

    Happy Birthday David Blaine!
  15. Congrats Matt, and to everyone! I'm in the process of checking out of a hotel and beginning an eight hour drive home... so I haven't read many of the stories but I plan on reading them all. I know magic has touched all of us somewhere deep in our souls. I know that sounds really tacky and cheezy, but you know it is true. And I know it is true because if magic was not an important part of your life, you wouldn't even be reading this sentence right now. You wouldn't care. Let me just say... the Hilton's $10 charge of the internet was totally worth it, just because I am so happy people got to read my story, and I got to read a few others.

    It is definitely something to keep me smiling while I spend the whole day alone in the car to contemplate it.

    Cheers to David's birthday and his inspiring effect on all us.

  16. Congrats Mat, great post too.
  17. To adress katie- Your post was pretty inspirational. I can relate to it in more than one way, Culture shock and lack of confidence was present in my mind back then too.

    And do note, before i get the "Haha, you're just saying that cause she's a girl" sort of replies. No. I couldnt care less if she's female. No bias, no special treatment. I can just relate to what she said.

    Unlike a lot of people here who've been sparked into magic by David, ive been sparked into it by my Lovely Uncle.

    Ive just flown to england, culture shock, no friends, no life. I was sitting at the dining room table, amazed by these plastic cards from my grandmother's Playing card collection. I was trying to build a house of cards. i was clearly not going to accomplish it.

    He demolished my futile attempt at it and said "let me show you something." and proceeded to show me a one-ahead principle trick. I was amazed. He taught me the trick afterwards, and the astonishment was gone. Went straight to youtube and learned a couple of things. i was getting bored however. magic aint easy.

    I stumbled onto blaine on youtube one day... and i must say, even thinking about it now gives me shivers down my spine. He was something that i wanted to become. The emotions that he inflicts on strangers, its something that i want to do. I had no idea about his drive, background or whatever. all i knew was that if he can make me smile from this little Telly-box, then he's amazing. He gave me the determination to practice, buy books, and learn proper magic.

    SNC is over, but i can still post my thoughts cant i? or will this dissapear as well like my previous attempt at SNC? =]

    Edit: also, Congrats to Mat
  18. Reading some of the wonderful stories i realize that,

    David has done real magic! He had the positive influence in people lifes and help them in many forms.
    He deserves the merit and it's a honor to have him as a reference like many others.

    David Blaine is a true Magus Eduro

    God Bless and Happy Birthday,
  19. I first got into magic by watching as a kid the worlds greatest magic series the old stuff. And I was always fond of Lance Burton. However, I grew out of that phase more or less because I just couldn't do stage magic in rural Minnesota (a lack of stages) So the passion and art died. It wasn't until my first year of jr high that I was wanting to get into a new hobby, something no one else was doing. I then remembered my magic days and thought it would be cool to start that up again but i didn't want to perform on stage; I wanted to perform in a real world situation. So I started searching the internet and I stumbled upon david blaine and things like that. I hadn't heard of him before but he was doing magic on the streets. I thought, "this is what I'm looking for". And I then found ellusionist which taught me my first real set of magic. So for me without blaine I might not have gotten back into magic. Now that I am older and have been doing magic for quite a while I have a strong respect for David. He performs in such a way that he doesn't even use much for patter he lets the magic speak for itself and let the spectators be absorbed in it. That is something I think a lot of magicians don't do. They worry so much about patter that they forget about what is really important; what the spectator gets out of it. I try with my performances to engage the spectator and let the magic speak for itself. Now I don't want to be a clone of David Blaine I want to make my own mark but seeing his groundwork and how he performs makes me want to strive to be better in my magic and make something that the spectators can just enjoy and be entertained.

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