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  1. Hello, I've been performing card magic for 4 years now and I have recently got "Scarne on Card Tricks." I have already started to perform "The Card Trick Without Card" but I've been wanting to learn some new material. Does anyone have any recommendations of what tricks to look at?
  2. ALL OF THEM!!!!!

    My favorites are Calling the Cards, Upside Down Deck, Traveling Aces, the Wizard, Swimmers, New Deal Poker Hand, the Stapled Card and Drunken Poker Deal.
  3. I've had a lot of mileage out of "Travelling Aces" (attributed to Charlie Nagle) which is in this book. I first learned it from Garcia and Schindler's Magic With Cards, where the same effect is called "Aces Follow Aces" .

    In this effect, three aces "travel" from one pile to another. I perform it as a transposition effect, by having a spectator hold the pile with the aces in his hands, and then reveal the aces to have travelled to a completely different pile. Very easy to perform, very fun, blows people away, and nobody has ever guessed the method, despite its bold simplicity.

    You'll find a long and very helpful discussion with suggestions of favourites from this book here. Some of the tricks mentioned most often include: Scarne's Drunken Poker Deal, Future Deck, Miraskill, Upside Down Deck, and One Deck You Do As I Do.
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  4. This is not really in topic, but the trick "Birds of a Feather" in Royal Road to Card Magic is a better alternative to "Travelling Aces". It's not the same thing, but has the same travelling effect, and you could use the technique described there to travel aces instead of red and black cards. I'm not trying to degrade "Travelling Aces", but it just seems obvious to me, and my audience usually would say that I switched the card, even though they don't know how. However, with "Birds of a Feather", there are so many swaps that the audience won't be able to think how one would switch cards so cleanly. In one instance, you can even ask the audience member whether they want to switch the packets or not.
    If you want something which gives the exact same effect as "Travelling Aces", I like "Merlin's Lost Aces", taught in Expert Card Technique. It's a bit more advanced, but with the right amount of quality practice, the trick will be so smooth no one can catch you.
    Just my two cents.
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  5. Up and Down

    My Lucky Card

    and i totally agree with @Reality One on Drunken Poker Deal. It's a knockout and highly entertaining, IMO, the best trick in the book.
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  6. That's my opinion as well.
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