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  1. Hey,

    Does anyone know where I can find a visual card vanish using only one card (besides the throw vanish) that ends clean? I'm looking for something that will work well with a card-to-wallet routine. Now that I think of it, I quick method of completely destroying it will work fine, and may hit a little harder than just a vanish. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  2. I don't know if this would fit into your routine, but maybe a rub-a-dub vanish?
  3. oh man, how about a rub-a-dub with smoke 2000 that would be the stuff of legend...ish
  4. I think he means a vanish not using a deck...

    There are possibilities with sleeving, pulls and gimmickes of the such. There is also a plain Tenkai Vanish which looks pretty good, kinda angle sensitive though.

  5. rub a dub vanish I love it.. if u dont want to use a deck u should try sleeving.. because with tenkai u dont end clean
  6. all i have to say is one card on the floor = a shoe with magicians wax on the sole... hehe :)
  7. Derren browns figaro transfer could be used as a vanish.
  8. you could use a back palm then tranfer to a front palm and reach into your pocket
  9. Sorry I forgot to mention- I would use the Rub-a-dub vanish, but the card I'm going to be vanishing will be signed on BOTH sides.... That eliminates the Rub-a-dub, Shapeshifter, and a couple of other vanishes. The reason I'm looking for a single card vanish (not using the deck) is I plan on putting the deck away, vanishing their card, and have a spectator find it in his/her wallet.
  10. I have a version on my DVD 'Bright Ideas' which is PERFECT for a card to wallet routine. I use it as a finish for my CTP on the DVD, but it works just as well for a CTW obviously
  11. You can use the Ego change as a vanish. If you dont want to use the deck you can place the card on top of the card box, wave your hand over it and bingo its gone. From there you could cop it away and do whatever you want to with it. Mos Def give it a try.
  12. If you are looking for a vanish of one card, away from the deck, I would recommend taking a look at a vanish of Gary Kurtz. I'm not sure where or if it is in print, but I remember seeing it on a lecture video of his if that helps at all. Directly after the vanish the card can be transfered into a full palm in the opposite hand, which makes it much easier to get out of depending on the context.

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    Cool. Thanks for the ideas. I think I'm going to use the Ego vanish for now until I can think of something more effective. I had an idea to carry a piece of paper with me so I can fold their card in it, burn the paper and the card inside, only to have them find the card in a spectators wallet, fully restored and complete with both signatures. The only problem is getting the fire started (the wind never kicks up until you light a match...) and burning quickly. (I just got done testing it out and it took literally about 5-7 minutes to burn. Way too long.)


    Edit: I'm not familiar with the Figaro Transfer- I searched Google for Derren Brown's Figaro Transfer and couldn't find anything other than his books Pure Effect and The Devil's Picturebook. Is there any way I could see this move before buying it? Is it only taught in his book, or is there a DVD?

    By the way, are there any single card vanishes using flash paper? If it ends clean or has an easy clean up, I'd be really interested. I think it would be a cool way to create the illusion that the card was burned, and you wouldn't have to destroy a card every time.


  14. for what it sounds like you're wanting to do, I would REALLY think about the suggestions already made in this thread about sleeving.

    Rocco has a new DVD out and he is the sleeving MAN. check out the most recent back issues of "genii" , there's actually quite a good preview of the DVD that might just teach you what you need to know.

    There are several flash paper card effects on the market (I can think of at least one on however the flash paper cards don't look much like real cards, up close. at least if you've put the deck away, it'll look okay, it's just most obvious when comparing the flash card and the real card side by side.

    besides with flash paper you'll usually need to hide the igniter anways....

    why not just make burning the card part of your presentation? openly borrow a lighter, burn the card to a crisp, you won't have to worry about getting "caught" on your vanish and you can make up some BS patter about the uh, card burnt molecules reforming in a wallet or something.
  15. There is the strike vanish, not the one with a coin and the pen. It uses a card on a table and you wave your hands quickly over the card to make it disappear. That's a nice one for on-camera only. ;)
  16. Bizarre Vanish or one of it's variations. Check out Art of Astonishment Vol. 1 "Illusion". The selection vanishes from between two other cards; not quite what you're after, but it does end clean. Plus - no angles, clean up, sleeving or "video only" nonsense...

    Seriously? On-camera only? Seriously.
  17. .... By the way, are there any single card vanishes using flash paper? If it ends clean or has an easy clean up, I'd be really interested. I think it would be a cool way to create the illusion that the card was burned, and you wouldn't have to destroy a card every time.



    apparantly the real best kept secret in magic is using "google" search...

    the same products are available in the US too... go nuts!
  18. Sorry to open up an old thread, but for a reference to this type of request, the rub-a-dub can indeed be used, or at least a variant. If the card is signed on both sides, you could use the same method lot's of people have tried to rub-a-dub vanish a face up card- have a card in full palm in the 'receiving' hand as you push off the card to be vanished on top of the deck. the palmed card is deposited on top as it apparently takes the signed card. A simple side steal would bring the card back into full palm after the vanish. The same principle can be applied to the tent vanish.

    Personally, I would use gary Kurtz's longitudinal steal, which is sort of like a vanish you would use for a jumbo coin.

  19. Half Vanish is a nice, visual vanish that is possible with both sides signed. It looks great. It's available on mystique. Highly recommend it.

  20. You could do a snap vanish, have a pull, or use an M5 on a shimmed card.

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