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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Demagix, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, I just thought of a new way of presenting a 'card prediction' trick.

    Would combining smoke and Biokinesis be effective?

    I mean, you let the spectator select a 'random' card, maybe use the same method in Psnype by Kevin Parker, and before you tell them what they card they selected, you could use smoke. Then, when the smoke covers your eyes, you could change them by using the Biokinesis effect, and then tell them what card they selected, or something along those lines.

    Tell me what you guys think.

  2. they might run away from you
  3. Haha, that sort of reaction would be exactly what i suspected :L
  4. That would be SWEET! If you do this be sure to post a video!

  5. Lol, It was just a pen to paper idea at the moment. I just thought I'd get people's opinions on it first before I start recording, lol.
  6. That. Is. One. Of. The. Most. Epic. Ideas. EVER.

    HAHA! I love it! And after that you could turn around, do DRESSCODE and reveal their card on your shirt... Or... No, don't do that. That would destroy the whole thing...
  7. Or you could do Calens trick from Function 9, revealing their card in your hat as you "magically" put sunglasses on. You could say something like : "Sorry, I didn't wanna scare you. Hope this helps."

    Btw... do you mind if I use that idea? I'm seriously in love with it without testing it out. I am like hyped.
  8. Yeah I got no problem with that, just as long as you record it and place my user name in the credits :)
  9. Haha, if I record it I will obviously credit you... But, what if I do it without recording it?
  10. lol, you use it if you want. Just when you record it, if you record it, I wanna see it, lol.
  11. lulz. you have all that strong material, for a card trick... hahaha are you serious....
  12. Well, I do apologize if I am trying to make a card effect stronger...
  13. It's like making a cake. Yes, frosting is good. so are all the different candies in the world. all the different nuts and fruits. But you can't just throw them all together on the cake and expect a miracle. There comes a point when you reach something called overkill. It's just too much. All might be beautiful and strong effects, but why mix them ALL together? IF you have powers to breath smoke and change your eyes on queue, why in the world would you be guessing cards and not fighting in the military? There are many things to consider? Would it make the card effect stronger or would it actually be weakening the effect? I think it would weaken the card effect because that's no longer the focus. They'll care more about the special effects than the story. And the special effects might be too much together with that said as well.
  14. Without giving anything away about Smoke you have to remember that you need motivation to get the smoke to your mouth. It would look cool for film but I wouldn't do it in person. Then again I wouldn't do Biokensis at all, Thread is bad enough.
  15. I'll echo an above statement.. it seems like you're using a lot of good effects to amp up what otherwise is a pretty basic pick a card plot.
  16. I wouldn't do that with cards, because they are to weak for such extrem "Special Effects".
    I would make it more impossible and use a personal informaton from the spectator like the name from there best friend, that i couldnt
    know. Like Stigmata by Wayne Houchin v2 and the same Pick Technique. So you have a reason for the smoke gimmick.

    Sorry for my bad English.
  17. I just got Smoke today in the mail, I have a question regarding the gimmick. I can't go into detail without exposing but its about charging the gimmick. Can someone PM me?

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