SMOKE & MIRRORS v5 Playing Cards - Released

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  1. to each what they need according to his purpose. He does it cause he loves us. if he gave everybody every thing they asked for... well..

    nope i doubt that you can buy God out. theres no insto-here on earth- reward system. He gives what is best for him to give. and he takes what is best for him to take. be thankful. but don't assume its just because you give to the church. That makes the God of the bible pretty petty don't you think?

    The SM V5's look sweet! i'm assuming they're exactly the same as V4's just blue? if its true i personally prefer the green
  2. I think so, remembering when v4 came out, it only took 15 mins and it was sold out. Then Theory11 had new shipment. But this time v5 takes 13 hours..
  3. We put in place procedures to enable as many people as possible to have a chance at getting some. This morning, we activated a limit of 36 decks (3 bricks) per order. Our current supply will absolutely be sold out soon, so act now if you want some!
  4. You can't even imagine how badly I want some.. I want to go to work today but my boss won't even pick up his phone!
  5. I want money... :(
    I need to get a job
  6. I think it would be for the best if we just left the religious discussions out of this, it's got nothing to do with the topic in question and rarely anything good can come from discussing (and often disagreeing) about religion.

    On topic: Everytime I look through the pictures for S&M v5 I get more and more excited about them. I can already understand what all the fuzz has been about, and I've never even seen any of their decks in real life yet! I've already fantasized about ordering more but I really shouldn't.
  7. Actually a lot of good can come from discussing religion. :)
  8. it just depends. bc all of us have different back grounds. Even if you are the same religion as someone the churches are also different. So no one can understand eachothers views. Anyways we should just keep religion out so no one will get attacked by the athiest :) jk. Hope yal had a great weekend/ able to buy some cards.

  9. the god of the bible is pretty petty. He's a jealous vindictive individual who makes people suffer to prove their worth to him and if you so much as look at another idol he banishes you to fire? sounds pretty petty to me, also for an omnipotent individual he is responsible for pain, suffering and evil. And as for not being able to "buy" your way into heaven perhaps you haven't heard of the Catholic church? Indulgences were pieces of paper the church sold that pretty much said give us money and we will have our priests "pray" your way into heaven. There are also several churches that if you so much as "walk through the door" your soul will be saved and you would automatically go to heaven. In addition, saying a few magic words to cleanse your soul sounds like a type of payment to me, even if you dont mean it. "Hail mary who art in heaven, save my sinning butt so i dont burn"
  10. That is very true. What I meant when I give money to the church is that my church believes in giving back to god "giving money to the church", so that the church can support missions, and give money to the poor. Since I partake in this along with Lord’s Supper and all that good stuff I believe that God has blessed me. People see God as evil but no one ever thinks that it’s a fighting force between good and evil. The money aspects, I do not think God lets people lose their jobs; God doesn’t let people lose their house, go hungry in the streets. Our governments failed us and it is everyone else’s Job to lift up the others that have a need. God blessed me so much that I can buy Christmas gifts for three separate families that go to my church who can’t afford anything. I think that’s just amazing what God can do through others. , Autumn
  11. Guys, this is a magic forum talking about magic. Please refrain from talking about religion as it stirs up a lot of arguments and unprofessional conduct. Keep on discussing the super awesome fantasmical magical Smoke and Mirrors v5 Playing Cards though. :)
  12. haha ok Casey yea lets talk about the awesome cool new smoke and mirrors. They look pretty beast I must say.
  13. sorry guys, i just like to correct misconceptions. or incorrect information.
  14. I have 15 decks in the mail! I am so excited!
  15. Nope. they don't
  16. You know what'd be awesome, a fresh slice of free D&D decks!!!
  17. Q

    Does theory11 currently accept Paypal?

    Due to continued concerns about the security and reliability of Paypal, theory11 does not currently accept Paypal as a payment method. However, we welcome all major credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover) and payment via check or money order. If you have any questions about payment or making an order, contact us and we will make sure you are taken care of.


    From the Frequently Asked Questions section.
  18. There's really no excuse for that. Pretty much everyone has it except Theory 11. I can't understand why though. They would get a lot more business if they accepted PayPal.
  19. i can think of 3 reasons not too. 1. yeah paypal has some security issues. 2. They are independent and charge for their service, not a good thing when you do as much business as T11, it would no doubt impact prices. 3. Paypal gets kiddies in trouble. they rack up a bill then mommy and daddy are mad. Credit Cards prevent that, if you dont have the cash then you dont get to play. Fact is, you can get a debit card at 16, before that you shouldn't be spending enormous amounts of money anyways. Earn your way boys and girls, earn your way.

  20. even then, don't use your debit card online. that goes directly to your own money. i have one, and i still borrow my moms credit card to make purchases.

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