SMOKE & MIRRORS v5 Playing Cards - Released

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. i give alot of money to the church so maybe thats why he blessed me. even when i had no money i gave to the church. Anyways i'm blessed for actually having something this year unlike the passed where i had nothing
  2. In an ideal world, of course. But the reality of the situation is that it's an apples to oranges comparison. Standard Bicycle cards are produced in production runs of hundreds of thousands - or even millions - at a time. Premium decks like Sentinels or S&Mv5 or DeckONE are produced in very limited numbers, relatively speaking.

    This means that the cost involved in production is much higher, not to mention the details and polish we put on each deck: embossing on the tuck case, metallic elements, etc. We do make every effort to keep prices down, which is why you may notice our playing card prices to be much more competitive than other sites. While our raw cost per deck has increased substantially with more intricate designs, our prices remain largely the same.

    But we refuse to sacrifice on quality or design, no matter what the costs are. At the end of the day, artists have brushes, musicians have instruments, and construction workers have hammers. These are our tools. We want them to look good and perform well.
  3. What'dya know, I said those exact words except ''dad.''

    Too bad I already ordered $300
  4. I like that last paragraph.
  5. I'm going to work for 12 hours straight tomorrow just to get the 6 D&D's and 6 Deck Ones.

    Hopefully neither will be sold out :\
  6. how many D&D's v5's were produced, and how many Deck One's were produced? I need to know if it will be sold out by around 11pm EST or not.
  7. From what I've been told their was 20000 V.5's ...whether or not they did all those in one print I'm not sure. They may release a second batch like last time.
    as for D1IE I'm not to sure but i imagine it would be a slightly larger print.


  8. So I have a few days till the V5's run out?
  9. Well D&D's website has roughly 120 Bricks left ....As for T11 I'm not sure but I'd still try and get them as soon as possible :)

  10. Well... time to work a 12 hours tomorrow!! 120 bricks isn't NEARLY enough..
  11. kinda disappointed by no preview video. I always look forward to those, its like a Dan and Dave showcase... ahh well maybe V.6
  12. Dang it! Why does all the cool stuff have to come out when I'm flat broke? Smoke and Mirror's V5s, DeckOne, DressCode.... bummer dude.
  13. I just try to order 12 brick , but the system appear " only 7 brick in stock" , Seriously???
  14. I was really disappointed too. I loved the v4 preview. I didn't have any money for the cards so I just stayed up for the video. Oh well. Great looking cards none the less.
  15. Just bought 3 from Dan and Dave. Its too bad Theory 11 doesn`t have Paypal. Probably would have paid less.
  16. I got up early before work and got my hands on a few decks. These will be my first S&M decks so soon I'll probably know what has made them so sought after. They do look darn nice in the pictures!
  17. I'm pretty sure T11 does have PayPal
  18. Quote from v5 Trailer Contest: Using a v5 deck we ask that you make a trailer in typical D&D fashion. Winner will receive a year supply of decks. More details will be announced shortly.

    let's wait and see...
  19. Yes, if that was on Facebook, i would give it a "like". :)
  20. Only 3 dozen left... Will Theory11 be getting anymore?

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