SMOKE & MIRRORS v5 Playing Cards - Released

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. Wait... It says there are only 115 bricks left in stock. After these will you be getting anymore?
  2. Jizz.

    Could deffintaly go for a years supply of S&Ms.
  3. The question we're all asking ourselves (okay, at least I'm asking myself)... How many does theory11 have left in stock? Any possibilites to let us Curious George imposters know?
  4. There haven't been any for a few hours. Around 8 hours, 20 minutes ago, I tried adding 3 bricks to my cart. There were only 21 left. Within half an hour, only 1 remained. It's been long gone since, but I'm sure they'll get another shipment from D&D in a week before all the decks sell out.
  5. I experienced that as well. However now you can add the maximum of three bricks so ... it's possible they already got a new shipment.

  6. Nope. They won't be getting it for a few days, at the least. But I am sure there will be atleast one more shipment.
  7. Well I am able to add three bricks right now .... so yeah

  8. Adding lots of units to your cart is not a reliable way of determining quantities left at theory11. Our inventory systems are entirely separate from our store system, so the only way to tell if something is available is if you can add it (at all) to your cart.
  9. Thanks Casey. Just mentioning that I am able to add more than i was last night.

  10. S&Mv5 are officially SOLD OUT at theory11! For those that want one last shot at getting some, you can check out this link to Dan and Dave's store where a small quantity remains. Act quickly, as these will be sold out everywhere soon.
  11. dislike ^

    [word count]
  12. Just a question, the Deck Ones are limited edition too right? Are there going to be any reprints?
  13. I believe the word as of right now is that they haven't decided whether or not they will reprint them the way they are, create a new version in the future or nothing at all ever again. Pretty hard to tell. Hopefully one of the guys or girls in the know will pass by and let us know.
  14. Haha i got 3 only too!
  15. I think that they are not going to reprint Deck One, but in a year maybe they will make Deck Two.
  16. sold out in hank lee too . ;(
  17. i bought 12 decks...
    hope its enough for me...


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