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    I've been using Smoke for about a week now and I've come to my conclusion on it: I love it.

    So far I've just been doing Portal--the same effect I can accomplish with DG's Warning. The advantage to using the Warning method is, of course, it's impromptu. The advantages to using the Smoke gimmick are: you can do it outside even if it's a little windy, more deceptive, leaves a better taste in your mouth, you can get a bigger plume of smoke, it doesn't make you feel "weird" after you do it, and it can be done with a lighter. So while I definitely appreciate both methods, and will continue to use both, Smoke is my preferred method of the two.

    What I like about the effect (Portal) is it's a bit abstract and it's visual. No cards or coins, or even dollar bills or rings. I like magic like this that's a bit off the beaten path.

    I also like how visual the effect is. It's an eyecatcher--the hand over the lighter, the tracing of the smoke up the body, and then the reveal of a big plume of smoke from your mouth. It grabs anyone's attention even casually watching. I was doing it for a friend in a restaurant and it grabbed the attention of a guy from across the room and drew him over.

    Another thing I really enjoy about the effect is how casual the effect is. It's an effect that you can get into without anyone even realizing you're doing magic. All the effect starts with is a sharpie drawn hole. It's one of those effects you can use to hook an unsuspecting audience and set them up to see more magic.

    As far as the gimmick goes, it's extremely well made and reliable. You feel like James Bond with this thing in your pocket. Theory 11 really did a knock-out job with the gimmick. I can't imagine it being any better than it is.

    I feel like there really is a lot of potential with Smoke. On the DVD the only really solid effect taught is Portal. I expected a bit more as far as effects go. I've been playing with a few different ideas myself, but aside from working out a handling to add Smoke to WH's French Kiss (which makes an amazing effect even more amazing), nothing I'm happy with so far. There is definitely a lot more effects, and enhancements to existing effects, this gimmick is capable of though. Hopefully Theory 11 will open up a protected forum so that owners of Smoke can brainstorm together and bounce ideas for applications and effects off each other so that owners of Smoke can get the most out of the gimmick.

    So all around Smoke and its lead effect Portal are hands down winners.
  2. Can you please edit your post? You reveal the gimmick in one place.
  3. I just read over it. No exposure going on.

  4. You are...
  5. Nice review! And no, he is not revealing......everything he mentioned was in the trailer.
  6. You didn't see it, but earlier the gimmick was revealed. It's edited now, though. Although it depends on how you looked at the statement. For those who own smoke/know what the gimmick is, it seems kind of obvious unless you don't know what it is. Oh well, never mind now.

    Nice review, bro.
  7. Thanks for the feedback, man.
  8. Awesome review - thank you! So cool to hear the story about your performance in the restaurant. It's eye catching as can be - way outside the box of the usual card trick. It's something people will remember and talk about for a long time.
  9. Thanks, man.

    Yeah, one of the things I love about the basic effect is how organic it is--nothing but a lighter and hole drawn on your hand. No real props in play, yet it's so visual and magical looking.
  10. I like to use a match, as it produces more smoke to "travel up the arm". A lighter produces little to no smoke. I just think a match adds more to the illusion, although it can be more difficult to handle.
  11. I am glad you guys are enjoying Portal! I agree with Jeteyenight, I prefer using a match. However, if for some reason I dont have a pack and someone has a lighter, I use that. Either way it works, but I like having the smoke billowing from the match under your hand before the reveal.
  12. Maybe I am just odd,

    But I really cant perform Smoke.

    Without exposing, im really not sure how to post up how/why, but no matter what I do I cant get any smoke to be produced at all.

    Helps? haha. - From a Non 'Smoker'
  13. I agree. Using a match looks the best. I've been using a lighter just because I haven't had any matches on me.

    Also, doing Portal with a match could be a great lead effect into Lit. I'm going to play with it.

    Sounds to me like you're inhaling it into your lungs instead of just holding the smoke in your mouth. Practice closing up your throat when you hold the smoke in your mouth.
  14. Yep,

    Just cant seem to do it lol. :(
  15. If this helps at all, try treating the smoke like water. Just hold it in your mouth and don't "swallow" it.

    How this kinda helps.

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