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  1. Nice. Sounds like this really is a pretty practical utility.

    Thanks for the reply, Kevin.
  2. Mat,
    I was thinking along the same lines as you of how it differs from Garcia's Warning.
    Now I feel like this would be a good purchase to spice up some of my most common tricks, along with a few new ideas as well.
    Thanks Kevin and Rick.
  3. It's 100 percent practical. No igniting matches or flames. You never need a flame for the trick. You don't need to mix any chemicals and there is really no setup.
  4. Is there misdirection required for getting the Smoke into your mouth?
    .... I sense a lot of yardwork to pay for this
  5. I'm definitely getting this rather than Colorblind. :)
  6. There is some misdirection, but it is so simple. Everything is logical and justified.
  7. Thanks for the quick reply, now I need to start saving up.
  8. So when will extra refills be available to purchase for Smoke?
    I'd like to buy extras when buying the dvd at one time so I can save on shipping.
    How many times could you perform the effect before running out of the "gimmick"?
  9. You all have no idea how happy I was when JB introduced me to this idea. I love the concept of smoke from your mouth, but it just isn't practical. That is, until JB introduced me to the effect, and my mind was instantly flooding with ideas. No stipulations, no downside, no health issues. This is the type of magic I would do in real world situations. Rubbing my hands together and having smoke come out from my hands, as if it were cold. I still can't stop thinking of ideas.

  10. Oh, so it is literally a gimmick that you can apply somewhere?
  11. Hello zach. pleasure to see u here lol..

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