Snap Change 'Clean-Up'

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Justin.Morris, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. The jumbo cards one is awesome. It'd be hard to apply in a real life performance, but awesome nonetheless.
  2. Agreed. Somehow you managed to make the jumbo one even cleaner than your original post :D
  3. That is seriously slick!

    I love the version where you quickly jerk the card up a bit to do the change, because it completely hides any flicking and just looks so clean. I'm shocked that you can also do that with jumbo cards >_>

  4. That is crazy Be honest, how long (days, months, years) has it taken to get it up to par?
  5. Actually to be honest the jumbo one I just tried, but it was really similar to the small ones. That and I cut out the ones I flashed on. The low frame rate hides the change well.
  6. very smooth but this is not really a clean up where you could hand out the card, just a way of hiding the other card. For an awesome example of the clean up i'm refering to check out the trick "Proteus" from BFU.

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