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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jacob L, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. Michael Smith and I did some magic last weekend for some people, and I thought we would share it with everyone. Enjoy!

    Sorry if the quality isn't the best, it got messed up when it converted somehow.
    Feedback is appreciated!

  2. No problem with the quality. The magic seemed solid but I switched off after crazy mans handcuffs because I found you two very immature.
  3. Ok, well we can't please everyone, sorry you feel that way. Thank you for taking the time to watch though.

  4. Jacob, thank you for sharing the video. One major thing I see is both of you seem to be performing magic AT (instead of with) the spectators and also at a very rapid pace. SLOOOOOWWWWWW down so people can let things sink in. There is no hurry.
  5. Thank you for watching!
    I totally understand what you're saying, once I watched it again I was like "wow, I went reaaaaly fast." I'm just naturally a fast talker, but I do need to slow myself down and let them sink it all in. If not, that could lead to confusion, which is not the goal.

    As for the "at" and not "with" could you elaborate a little more? Do you just mean involve them more in the effects?

  6. And I find you to be a douche snozzle.
  7. To be honest I almost switched off 1 second in to it. Once I saw the Movie Maker Overlay Text Title thing I cringed a little, especially with that purple colour...

    A simple black background with a white text title which fades in and out would be a lot more appealing.

    I realise this is not at all relevant to the magic itself, but I have issues with certain things like that... :)

    In regards to the performances, it's awesome you're filming and posting them. It's great to get advice from other forum members and most importantly, it's a chance for you to look at yourselves perform and critique your own performances.

    And now some thoughts/advice I guess... besides staying away from anything as cheesy and Movie Maker's stock title effects, I would agree with the above posts. I sometimes fall into the trap of speeding along and have to remind myself to slow down. Additionally, interacting with the participants and getting them involved and invested in the magic will make a huge difference. It's the difference between them smirking and going "That's cool" and them freaking out with an abundance of exclamations and requesting to see more.

    Keep at it :)
  8. Thanks for the feedback Decisive. As for the title screen, we were just having fun with it and meant to be cheesy haha, but I'll keep that in mind, as it could turn some people off. Do you have any advice on getting them more involved? That would be appreciated.Thanks!

  9. I liked it man. I agree with slowing it down and interacting more. You guys both had some effects with in-spectator's-hand phases so you are certainly on the right track as far as interacting goes.

    I don't personally think the maturity thing is that big of a deal considering the setting. You're on the street, in an informal setting, performing for other people around your age. You could certainly have behaved more 'professional' and have it play out fine but I don't think your personalities necessarily took anything away from the performance. Seems like you guys are being yourselves and your spectators didn't seem to have any issue with it.
  10. If the trick itself doesn't involve the participants, still be sure to ask them questions, make eye-contact (with all of them if more than one. If doing a trick with one person, be sure not to forget about everyone else) and get them to do simple things if possible.

    Could be as simple as "hold this", "click your fingers", "blow on the card" and questions could also simply be "do you remember your card?", "have you seen any magic before?" etc etc. These small conversation pieces when delivered genuinely and by a relaxed person, will provide you with an interested, involved, relaxed participant and it'll cover all the misdirection you'll need.
  11. The idea of performing magic at a spectator kind of goes hand in hand with the outcome of wanting the spectator to walk away thinking that you are amazing, rather than walking away in awe at the fact that something magical just happened. I kind of got the impression you were performing with the main priority of obtaining confirmation that you are *great* rather than just trying to entertain people. Of course, it is great feeling to know that people are admiring your talent, but if that is the overlying feel to the performance, or *aura* that you have when you approach someone, you are already fighting an uphill battle to get a nice smooth and true rapport with the people.

    Just my 2 cents.
  12. Haunter, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I feel like the videos we post are just us being ourselves and we enjoy having fun. The off color jokes mayyybe could be reduced a bit, but hey, we're gonna apologize for having a good time. When I'm working at a restaurant, I'm much more professional because that's what the setting is. Yes I still joke around, but the jokes are more appropriate for the environment. The people we performed for seemed like they were enjoying us and having a good time, which is what we set out to do. (That wasn't aimed at you, just a tid bit for everyone haha.)

    Decisive and tokyo, I understand now about performing at the spectator. It's simply just getting them involved in any way possible, instead of just narrating what you are doing. Thank you.

    I'm glad you all enjoyed watching it, thanks for taking the time to do so!


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