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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by cunningstunts, Oct 10, 2011.

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  1. Hi guys,

    simple move I know, but the very first card when spreading the deck - I always reveal that face down card behind it, as I have a habit of pushing the first card across, even lightly the card pokes out too much - very annoying when performing. This is a new bicycle deck so its not like the cards need treating, its just a matter of learning how to pass those two cards with some flow to it. Any help would be appreciated, cheers
  2. Hey there! Welcome to the forums!
    As for your problem, try pushing off a small block of cards instead of just one. The invisible deck is designed that more frequently thought of cards are located towards the middle, at least it works out for me like that more often than not. Just practice giving it not too much pressure, that leads to awkward tension, but not too little to flash the cards. Like any effect, it'll take some practice, even though it's almost self working. Hope that helps!
  3. i am somewhat confused
    but what i would do is play with the amount of pressure. sometimes less is more
  4. yeah i think that pushing the cards in a small block to start is a good idea, I'll experiment with the pressure like you said, thanks for the help
  5. I recently got the invisible deck and I actually had no clue at all how the invisible deck worked until I had the deck in my hands. I too had the problem with the top card, but then I got around it.

    hold the deck normally in your left hand then put your right hand thumb on top and put pressure, then use your left hand thumb to spread the top cards. left hand keep spreading and putting pressure at the same time. Now you will never ever flash at all.
  6. I understand the pressure but I have a problem with that. I've noticed when my hands are dry I can spread it without flashing no problem. BUT when my hands are sweaty(like they are 99% of the time when I perform magic) no matter what the pressure is it still flashes. Any ideas how I can solve this? Not the sweating part but how to adjust to it? I've been practicing it for about 4 months and still can't get it right.
  7. with the method i said you can spread through the deck with hands that are dripping wet.
  8. Ah man i have the same problem, my hands are dripping, sometimes get shaky, youre not alone bud
  9. i know it's a few weeks after you posted the topic, but I have found that if you push down on the faces of the cards with quite a lot of pressure with the thumb you use to spread the cards they won't separate at all. The more you press down the higher the friction pressure between the cards becomes. Hope this helps
  10. Hello All,
    I have the opposite problem where I cannot spread them to show the card upside down?
  11. This is a very tricky deck to use due to the whole word Pressure which everyone applies the same pressure differently so it comes across as you're trying to apply someone's else's pressure to your own hands which alwasy winds up in a problem

    Here is some advice. When spreading the cards, you have to remember 2 things, too much pressure and they won't separate, too little pressure and they'll all separate, so the key factor is you need to do it on your own, do it one time, you will have no problems doing it again.

    So how to practice:
    Start with half the deck and Pass the cards from one hand to the other using the fingers of the hand you're passing them to, as a way to push the card apart when you get to it, (I will sometimes even use both hands to separate the card) I also slow down to near it and start talking to them as a distraction to cover this up.
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  12. @KonaIce, please don't post in threads that are many years old. Start a new thread and you are much more likely to get a lot of responses.

    When I push over cards, my pressure is more toward the edge of the cards and that seems to work. When you show the reversed card, you can use your fingers under the deck to do the opposite of what your thumb is doing on the top of the deck.

    Another issue could be that it is a new invisible deck. If that is the case, just rub each pair of cards against each other to make them separate more easily.

    With that in mind, I'm closing the thread. Feel free to PM me if you need some more assistance.
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