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  1. Hello all,

    I may have posted something similar to this before and I have taken in all previous feedback into consideration to describe to you my final product. I have not filmed it yet because I am fixing some small nuances and things, but anyways, here is my basic trick description:

    Two cards are selected and signed. One of the cards is lost in the deck and the other stays on top. The card on top is stapled on the top of the card. With a rub, the staple visually comes off, leaving no holes, rips, etc. (examinable). Then the other card that was selected now has a staple on it and EVERYTHING can be examined.
  2. woah, if u can do all that as you say you can, then that is a killer effect. the only deciding factors are prob. practicallity and difficulty and obviously if it looks as close to its desc. as possible.
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    It seems cool and all, but kind of unneccasary. Why staple it? Is there a reason for the staple? Make a story that fits the situation well and why you have to staple it, then it will be freaking awesome for laymen and magicians alike!
  4. Thanks casey,

    I get what your saying, but i mean its all the same with T&R and all these types of effects. I will create a presentation that justifies this, so thanks.
  5. seems like something you would find in the Art of Astonishment books, unique plot and uses something simple; staples.

    It would be cool to see this be done.
  6. Anytime. I know you will, just seeing this will look amazing as is. Can't wait for the performance. I see you being a creative mind in the magic industry in the future...:)
  7. wow thanks, thats a pretty big compliment, but only time will tell.
  8. ohh yeah i can see that ideas will come and go, all you have to do is bring them to life....i would love to see what you are working with.....thats sounds bad ass....
  9. thanks cedric, i ttruly apprecieate the comment.
  10. thats nice man, but i personally woud like it if it was just one phase where the staple is taken off just one card.
  11. I agree, it would be a strong effect but there isn't much connection with the audience.
  12. Hmm, it sounds good. For me, I don't have the pocket space to put a stapler when I'm working. It would be really good if there was already a stapled card that you could bring out, show, then that staple disappears and reappears on signed card, or better, is found stapling two signed cards together in the middle of the deck.

    just some thoughts.
  13. Make a video, i want to hear what the script/patter is.
  14. What would that accomplish?

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