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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by UnholyGodn, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. I was bored today and decided to try my hand at stop motion for no other reason than I had a camera and some cards. Here's my first attempt, took me about 30 minutes to make, but I thought it was cute so I'd share it. It's only about 2mb.
  2. Haha, sweet!

    I particularly like the bit where the red Tally goes around in an arc and becomes blue - that one was especially smooth.

    Nice work!
  3. Yeah, some came out better than others, I thought it was pretty good for a first attempt :p
  4. lol that's very funny :)
  5. Link does not work for me, have you removed it?
  6. haha, very nice.
  7. Sweet! You should make more!
  8. Wow, for a first attempt, that was pretty good! I am like addicted to stop motion, but I haven't done it in a while. I have to try one of these.
    -If you have a webcam, pull it out and use it, it helps so much, and it makes everything quicker and easier.
    -Get Monkey Jam.
    -Increase your frame rate.

    Other than that, you're pretty good. Your better than most first timers.
  9. @Steven, link works for me, maybe you just tried it at a bad time?

    @dummy, I used windows movie maker (yeah) so you can't get the images to go faster than 0.15 seconds so I couldn't increase framerate :(
  10. Then, as I said, use Monkey Jam.

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