Stop performing for your video camera! Or else!

Sep 1, 2007
uhhh... I like watching videos... don't listen to the original poster please... I think he's just scared to show his stuff to an online non-laymen audience !

Longman I hereby dub thee "Wrongman" :D

I completely agree d00d. Magic is deffinatley about whether your audience is entertained or not. That's really all that matters. Presentation is literally 80 percent of every effect.

Liam Carrie

If magic was dying it would be because Criss angel and all these other "Magic Phonies" would be making the spectators be expecting more from us. Well sorry spectators we don't use confedorates or camera tricks!
May 5, 2008
Don't drop twenty bucks on a DVD and gimmick just to show "D34th_K4O5mann666" in his moldy basement your prowess as a loser who's too scared to actually try and amaze somebody. Take some damned initiative.

This is fantastic! :)
Although I do believe you took this a bit too far I also see that you have raised a good point. Magic does need an audiance, a real live audiance. Unless your going to do a Copperfield "I am here but your there." type of trick.

I also would like to clarify that I am not "dissing" the media section or anything. I just think that if you are going to post a video then at least have a video where you are showing some one a trick. TimurY's street magic video is good. Or have it be a clip of the elementary school magic show you did.

At least have a video where you are performing for someone in the video.

Dylan P.
Sep 1, 2007
Wow. This is a really old thread. Why are we discussing this again?

Yes. I am of the opinion that one should go out an perform magic for real-live audiences. So I'm gonna go do that now...
Feb 23, 2008
This is, after all, a performance art. Take, for example, somebody reciting Shakespeare to only himself. There's another word for that--crazy. You're not crazy, are you?

Crazy? I was crazy once, they locked me in a room, then they buried me, then I died, and then the worms drove me crazy! Crazy? I was crazy once, they locked me in a room, then...

All jokes aside I do believe that many of the videos should be filmed infront of an actual audience. I think (well actually know) that several people who call themselves "magicians" infact and some times never perform infront of people. They just buy the effects practice them and practice them some more making videos of them doing it for feedback, but they never perform. Yet they still call themselves magicians.
Sep 1, 2007
I posted this link on another thread, but I think it definitely has something to say to this subject. Listen carefully around 11:30 or so.

Basically, he is saying that magic has kind of become "obsolete" because of television. It's like visual art going "obsolete" after the camera was invented. People had been trying to perfect how realistically they could paint something, and then came along a device that could make an almost perfect replica of any moment in a much shorter period of time. That's where innovation began. That's what began the impressionist movement.

You might even say that magic is now in its impressionist stage because of television.
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