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  1. Hello fellow cardsmen

    I am fairly new to card magic and also collecting cards. My collection is getting bigger and bigger and the main topic of this thread is I would like to know how and where do you guys store your cards ? - To get any idea how should I store my cards.

    I saw in a video from Chris Ramsay that he has something like a metal drawers which perfectly fits for playing cards. If you do have something like that can you refer where to buy such things ?

    Thank you all for reading and replying on this have a nice day :)
  2. I have a very large collection... like over 1,000 decks...I have a Problem lol. I store mine on a book shelf. I think I got It at Walmart. It’s cheap and does the job. I’ve been looking for that metal draw for over a year and still can’t find it. I have Emailed Dan and Dave because I know they have something similar in there showroom. They told me to look for library card catalogs online. Honestly I cant find anything worth noting. If you find something let me know! :)
  3. Store or display your cards?

    I'd suggest IKEA, that's where I got my display shelves. As for simple storage, I know David from Magic Orthodoxy simply uses the long rectangular cardboard boxes that kids store(d) baseball cards or Magic the Gathering cards in.
  4. I use old Napa Valley wooden cassette tape shelves to display all my stuff. They are all over ebay. I got lucky and found mine at an antique shop.
  5. Well I ment storing :) yeah for displaying a small bunch is ok I can handle that but I ment storing :) .

    Oh thanks. Yeah exactly forgot about Dan and Dave that they have it in showroom :) I thought it is something like that for storing the card catalogs in library but could find any suitable one and definitely will let you know if I find something like that :)

    yeah also a great idea :) thanks
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  6. After weeks of searching the interweb.. amazon, ebay, ikea, home depot, lowe's, walmart, etc... I decided to build one myself. It's literally a book case if books were 5 inches tall. It's 10 shelves high (making it over 4 feet tall), about 30" wide and 3" deep. My dimensions came from necessity because a standard deck of cards are 3.5"x2.5" without the box. With the box, slightly bigger. I wanted each shelf to be 5" tall because I didn't want to wedge a finger to get out a deck. It's 3" deep to allow a small lip to hang out below the deck. 30" wide so if I wanted to bookshelf my decks, I could fit 2 bricks per shelf.

    It's pretty simple to build. Just a rectangle. Wood glue and nails. Make sure each shelf if half inch thick to handle the weight of the paper.
  7. If you could post a pic, that may inspire others to do the included. Luckily I work in a retail environment and we're getting rid of a bunch of old fixtures, so I snagged a display that's supposed to hold small books but my decks fit in it perfectly. Plus there's room to add more decks.

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