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  1. Alright. I've just submitted a trick to T11, but people tell me that they've heard T11 doesn't accept submissions. True?

  2. They do, which is why the feature is on the site. I don't believe a trick has been accepted as of yet, and your trick has to be pretty freakin genius, if you want it to be marketed. So maybe people told you that it's highly unlikely.
  3. If you submitted Untouched, then i think you have a winner.
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    Nice one. I DID submit Untouched. IDK... I also submitted it to Mental Playground :D. I'll see which one offers the best deal...

    Hmmm... Wondering how much they will pay me... I have a huge wishlist on Theory11 and it needs to be cleared :D

  5. I would defenitely pay 20 bucks (same price as Witness I believe) for Untouched. It looks unbelievable. Good luck!
  6. I think Mental Playground gives you like 40% of sales and lets you make quite a bit of the decisions so i would say you have a good deal there
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    Is there a video I can see of Untouched? I want to see it.
    EDIT: Never mind. I found it on his youtube channel. It looks amazing! I would buy it, if I start using decks with boxes that have a window. (I use bycicles).
    I submitted a trick too. How long do they take to read the trick?
  8. If they don't approve it, you won't hear from them. If you do, well as mentioned, they haven't accepted any tricks before so nobody really knows how long it'll take. Best of luck with your trick!
  9. i went on your you tube channel a week ago when i heard of this effect, the first two vids i saw had cuts in them, and i said to myself wow. I usually never accuse people of camera-cuts unless im sure, but yours were very obvious. Now you hve removed the untouched vid for whatever reason.

    On to your effect I though it was awesome, but I was able to figure it out unfortunately.

    P.S Its also not very nice to lie in the video, the card cannot be signed due to the nature of the effect. I am not trying to be mean, just honest because since your effect was very good and theory11 will most likely will accept it, when they ask "lets have a signed card in that box", your gonna be screwed. I could be wrong though, the camera might have changed lighting and some hit the camera abruptly, and i could be wrong on how you do the effect, I'll just im you what i think so i dont reveal it here.
  10. If the effect you submitted is the card through box, I suggest you take a look at, they've already released an effect which is exactly the same.
    Hate to burst your bubble man.
  11. No cam editing and cam cuts. Enough said. As for Untouched, read the description and reply...
  12. Alright I'm pretty pissed right now (maybe you burst my bladder instead? :D)... No offence, these Corrupt Reality guys look pretty... how to say... amateur. I believe they DO NOT have the right to sell this trick right now. If you look close on the page, it says this page was last updated 12/29/2008, thus I think this effect has only been released for a short time. Though Untouched has only been annouced 14 days ago (according to my video), I have worked on this trick for 2 years, I've given up, tried again, and I KNOW this effect inside out. I've researched for tricks like this to make sure I'm not ripping off anybody, and now THIS.

    I have contacted this 'Corrupt Reality' to ask for the release date of 'Break In'. If everything goes, I shall demand the removal of 'Break In' ASAP.

    Thanks ;)

  13. No offence, but what exaclty do you mean when you say does not have the right to sell their trick? I mean, what gives you more right? How do you know that they havn't gone through hell too to make a great effect just like you. I've seen both, and bought break in, and I personally think its ingenious. Arent we all here to inhance the magic community? And about when it was released, well, the site came out on New Years so there you go. But I did not see anybody get upset with panic on T11 opening. I understand youre upset, and trust me, the same thing happened to me with X Finger. I feel your pain broda. But why fight. Maybe instead of fighting with CR, you should try to work with them instead? I bet you two can create some pretty wicked stuff together :D. We are all friends here, lets not get into this kind of stuff.

  14. I'm not saying they copied Untouched's EFFECT, but I'm quite sure they use the same method. But please fellow readers, please don't buy Break In to learn Untouched for now... I have to get things sorted...

    Truce, Peace, Watever


  15. Just out of curiosity, can we buy break in to see how break in works or is that not allowed either? lol
    I think that magicguy07 had good suggestions, and might i add one more. Instead of talking to CR about when the release date was, maybe ya'll should trade methods. Who knows, maybe there's a difference.

  16. Well let's hope there is a difference...
  17. Hey man, I was just reading untouched's review, and Im pretty sure that the methods are different. This is because on the review it said it can only be viewed from about a 160 degree angle, and that break in ive found can be viewed from a 360 degree angle. So im pretty sure that the methods are different. Just letting you know, but if you want, you should still ask corrupt reality about it. Hope this helps. :p

  18. I think that's the idea....

  19. The method is only sleightly different. Untouched uses standard window sizes... Break In does NOT.
  20. Haha apologizes for that then!

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