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  1. SYN is a coin bend. But it's more than that too. It's a DUAL coin bend, and it's not just the moves, or a tool, it's a fully fleshed routine, a performance piece. Heres what it looks like;

    The magician borrows or introduces two coins. He then has the spectator choose one for herself which she clenches in her mortal little fist. The magician waves his coin above her hand where it VISUALLY bends. She informs the waiting crowd that she felt her coin bending in her hand too. WOW! She opens it up and both coins have indeed flexed.

    This effect is a very powerful one. Dee has came up with some wonderful subtleties to ensure that the bends are effective, and his ploy to ensure the spectator ALWAYS feels something is exceptional. It reminds me of Luke Jermay's thinking.
    The visual bend, while very well suited to the routine, is nothing groundbreaking, but when combined with the other elements of this piece, is pure eye candy.

    The effect works on both a cerebral AND visual level, a feat that not many effects currently on the market can claim to have achieved, and that is what I believe will stand out about it.

    Dee includes some very nicely composed essays at the back of the manuscript, and they were a fine read.

    I recommend this effect if you have a stand up/parlour type of set and you dabble in Mentalism/Paranormalist material.

    It is available from

  2. It's actually! :p

    But thanks for the review Chris - This will be available thru myself at Mindlapse and Also - The release date is the 23rd (I love that number) which is this Sunday!!!

  3. Haha, sorry Dee, it's been a while since I've had to type the full URL out, haha.

    Good luck with it, it's top notch!

  4. I have to say that Dee steps it up 15 notches every effect. This routine will make them feel as if their brain had just been stomped on.

    In my mind this routine is super diverse between ability levels because of the simplicity in the handling. This is why I enjoy Dee's work. It is all usally simple...SYN is terrifyingly simple. A beginner could perform this and get great reactions from laymen. This in a working professionals hands would destroy them.

    Dee did such a wonderful job on this release I feel I need to take him out for ice cream, or buy him a CD or something. lol

  5. That's for the words Branden - I'll have a vanilla cone and the new lady gaga* album. :p


    *I'm not actually into gaga. but she does have some catchy tunezzz
  6. Is SYN based on the same principle as Altered, the Oh-so awaited coin bend that allows them to really FEEL the bending in their hand ?
  7. Ummm... don't they all allow the spectator to actually feel the coin bending in their hand? Simple suggestion, my friend, simple suggestion.

    Just a thought- would you reccomend SYN over Andrew Gerard's PSYCHE?
  8. Simple suggestion indeed, except simple suggestion doesn't ensure 100% efficiency. Dee has come up with an alternative to the suggestion, and no, it's not the same method that allows them to feel it in ALTERED. This is another fresh idea :)

  9. @houchini: SYN is NOTHING like altered, very VERY different principle, it is very bold, but works incredibly well :)

    regarding your 'oh so awaited' comment, it was looked forward to by many people, chris for one can vouch for that as he saw the amount of emails I got on a weekly basis asking and asking about release.

    @Chicken, I use a lot of suggestion in my work, For several years I used to do a simple suggestion based switchout and in their hand coin bend, but when you work the kind of places that I do day in, day out like night clubs, bars, you tend to get people either end of the scale, some people fall in love with the suggestions, some people don't.

    As with the majority of my effects that include suggestion within the method I always like to have a physical for the suggestion to build upon.

    When you read thru the SYN manuscript, you'll see that what's actually going on is a lot more direct in effect and method - If you are into the teaching of Kenton or Jermay you'll probably like this alot.

    Using SYN you could make the rest of the audience believe that they feel the coin bend EVEN if they don't. It doesn't happen a lot like this, but anyone that has ever worked with any suggestion knows that it's never 100%.

    Thanks for the questions and comments guys! :D

  10. Ah, I didn't see Chris' post there.. lol

    I need not have written all that! Alas! :p

    On PSYCHE btw, it's a wicked routine, Gerard's a clever guy and we get on very well. They're 2 very different effects, but I'm sure you could easily transfer techniques between the 2.


  11. Who can resist 'Lovegame'

    She wants to take a ride on yo disco stick.Woot!!
  12. Lol Oh dear. :p

    On a side note, check out the new promo vid Titanas did for my Jan show - He's a 3D master!!

  13. I recently recieved an advanced copy of SYN and just wanted to add my thoughts to this thread.

    (this is after reading manuscript, I have yet to perform it...will edit/review it myself after I do).

    SYN : Dual coin bend, borrowed change if you feel it's nessicary, stunning piece of magic.

    I've done coin bends before and am in love with one in particular (which I can't for the life of me reference) where a borrowed quarter is 'heated' and melts as it bends and then falls onto the table(ground, whatever). Simple, direct, and always gets a great reaction.

    SYN takes the visual nature of a coin bend I love and adds a new element. A second coin, bending in the spectators hand. The structure of the routine is so perfect that your audience will see one coin bend and your volunteer will confirm they feel the coin in their hand bend as well. A new subtle, and so very bold, move is being used to ensure that every spectator confirms they feel something happening every time you do this.

    Everything within the pdf is clear and easy to understand, he even gives you reasoning behind every sentence in the script. I will more than likely play with some of the words, but the psychology behind everything makes too much sense to do away with most of it.

    I can see this getting a lot of use in my magic. I already do a coin bend so having a second coin bent won't hurt my bank and will magnify my proclaimed abilities ten fold. (which keeps all psychic abilities at...0, yay for multiplication).

    To put it short :I looked through it and laughed at it's simplicity, then marveled at the possibilities you could create. The structure and routine by itself is worth paying attention too, even if you never use it. Though, I'm sure that after you've bought it, you will want to use it.

  14. Ah, thanks for the review, I'm really glad you enjoy the effect!

    Quick note: RIK got sent an advance copy of SYN along with a normal order, I like to do fun things like that sometimes! :)

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