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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. I'm actually not sure about that. Very good question! I'm sure whatever he comes up with will be cool. Very excited to see it and all of the other presentations. Stay tuned to the media section for some behind the scenes vids over the coming week.
  2. Dang; I would buy registration just for the DVDs!

    I really can't though; I don't have any money and am still in debt for going to the SAM national convention...

    Will there be a way to buy JUST the DVD set of all the presenters afterwards? I REALLY hope so...
  3. Ok i just signed up for this literrally 10 min ago. and my credit card company called 1 min later and said that their was credit card fraud. I'm assuming this is because it's from portugal, but it did sorta freak me out cause i thought i just got really ripped off Dx.

    Has this happened to anyone else?
  4. Eh. Why would they? If you want the DVDs buy the registration. The DVDs if anything are a bonus.

  5. I wish I could, I really do. I would buy this in a heartbeat as it is a SUPER good deal.

    There is NO way I can afford it though, as of now... :(
  6. Im just wondering, but by any chance is there a way just to buy the dvd? I ask this because I dont have internet at my house ( im at the library writing this as I type) so it would be more convenient if I could just purchase the dvd.
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    You can, buy the registration and just not watch the videos online. You still get the DVD.

    Also Bayme, are the DVDs given in like a box set sorta thing?

  8. No, I'm fine, HSBC seems to be happy for me.
  9. Will we be learning any new (relatively new) effects during these presentations? Or variations and varying presentations of older tricks? Or both...
  10. Is this happening now? Nothing on the site.

  11. 15th to 17th, GMT +1 time, Ian.
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  13. I was at work.
  14. This is going to be awsome.

    Wish i had the money for it but i just got accepted to Science in Engineering school so now all the money has to go to science and math books for a few years!
  15. yeah me 2 :(
    out of money :(
  16. lol am i the only one that is refeshing like every 10seconds hoping to get a free entrance lol?
  17. Im online now listening to pre-show music.

  18. im on as well...waiting :)
  19. Happy 200th post Mike.

    Good fun talking to all the magicians.

  20. Hahaha. I laughed so hard at "...De'vo..." *shot of hands and rings*

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