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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Mar 18, 2009.

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  1. I can't speak for T11, but I doubt it. You already won anyways...I'd take a free dvd over the piss poor odds of winning this contest lol. ;)
  2. Very true.
  3. That's good, because what if one of the winners in is school when he gets a call?
  4. If danny g calls you when you are in school, you walk out the door and talk to him. haha which one is more important? English class or a conversation with one of the best magicians of our time?
  5. English class... They said if no answer then they contact you via other means. :rolleyes:

    - Sean
  6. some people are so serious..jeesh
  7. If it can be examined after its in I am so getting this :D
  8. It can. No joke.

    Prepare to spend 20 bucks now (great price by the way).
  9. This effect is terrible! NO ONE SHOULD GET IT
    Thats right you heard me, no one buy it, such a waste of money...

    so when i buy it i might actually win the contest =]

    just a joke i am sure it is a great effect
  10. This is great! I was going to buy this anyway but now I have a chance to win all that?!?! This place keeps getting better and better! :D
  11. Sounds EPIC!:D
  12. You know what impresses me?

    its a 24 hour thing, not a 2 minute thing....

  13. I wish it was like a 2 minute thing.
    Or like, I dont know, the 23 person to buy it wins ect.
  14. That's what she said! ;)

    But yeah, it's nice that the contest is essentially open to everyone in a fair way.
  15. Many of our contests in the past have been like that, but we wanted to do this one differently so that everyone could have a more fair chance, regardless of which time zone or part of the world you are in. As an example, 11:00pm EST equates to VERY late in the UK - and would make it very hard for someone over there to participate if you had to order within 2 minutes. 24 hours puts everyone on a level playing field.
  16. This is great JB! I'm defiantly picking this up!


  17. This looks like a great effect and I love you..... it... it, I love it alot. It. IT! I'm sorry I should've known it was too soon. :(
  18. How are you choosing randomly?
    Like pointing your cursor randomly with your eyes closed on the screen? Or what?
  19. Okay what is the big secret? Why no preview? Are they afraid to release the preview in fear that it will be figured out and nobody will buy it? Magic is just hyped too much nowadays. Everybody is trying to get rich selling a cheap trick for $20-$30.

    Used to you could buy a book that had hundreds of tricks just as strong for the same price. Besides 95% of all these tricks are just ripoffs of the same old tricks that these magicians learned from those books.

    Sad but true!
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    Generally, the full preview is released along with the product. You can view it before purchasing.

    And to some extent, I do agree with your second point. It's sad. But Pressure wouldn't be released without the correct acknowledgements.

    -Sam H
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