T11 members:: What magic effects are you performing?

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  1. Mastering effects with items that people use literally everyday I think is golden when you are not prepared. The world is your playground :D
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    Ring Flight is always on my key ring. I use Ring Flight Revolution. Fraud bills are always in my wallet.

    So that's just what I have on my key ring and in my wallet naturally.

    The only thing I have to put in my pocket is my Quantum Bender, which I actually do carry just about everywhere because it's my favorite effect to perform.

    So, yeah, not really.

    ...which is why all three of the effects I named use objects borrowed from spectators.
  3. everyday when i wake up and load my pockets for school i grab.

    a pack of cards (sometimes a stripper deck) . i'll either do a four aces routine, or a transpo routine

    spongeballs. jay noblezadas material, my routine

    coin purse. it hold 3 Kennedy halves, 3 Eisenhower dollars, a English copper penny, 2 normal quarters, 2 bent quarters.

    and my massive Kennedy half, (bigger than my hand, i change a normal half into it)

    and my wallet, and my phone. (not magic related, HAHA!)

    with my coins i do a simple one coin routine, and i'm working to perfect my coins across routine, but. its a slow deliberate process. the friction pass is bothering me, i can do it. but who ever i'm practicing it on, always sees it at least 2 of 5 times, 40% is too risky for me!!
  4. I've added a number next to all of the effects. Five means very frequently, one means almost never.

    Ambitious Card Routine (5)
    Angle Zero (3)
    the Biddle Trick (5)
    Coin Through Bottle (3)
    Coin Bite (1)
    French Drop Vanish (5)
    Invisible Deck (3)
    Pressure (5)
    Redline (5)
    Poker Player's Picnic (4)
    Stigmata (3)
    Torn and Restored Card (1)
    Designed for Laughter (3)
    Turnover Card (4)
    Twisting Arm Illusion (5)
    Twisting the Aces (3)
    Two-Card Monte (5)
    The Crazy Man's Handcuffs (4)
    Wave the Aces (4)
    The Chicago Opener (2)
    PENny to Dime (1)
    Distortion (1)
    Tivo 2.0 (1, I really just learned it for fun)
    French Kiss (2)

    If it's a three or lower, that pretty much means I only perform it if I'm planning on performing.

    That makes my "core" effects:

    Ambitious Card Routine
    The Biddle Trick
    French Drop Vanish
    Poker Player's Picnic
    Turnover Card
    Twisting Arm Illusion
    Two-Card Monte
    Wave the Aces
    The Crazy Man's Handcuffs

    I won't get into routines and such.
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    So if X equals the effects you regularly perform then X=Y-(-3). Haha. :)
  6. I guess I'll do the 1-5 thing too.

    Time Machine(5)
    Here Then There(3)
    Twisting the Aces (Personal handling)(4)
    Dawn Patrol(3)
    Dr. Daleys Last Ace Trick(4)
    Key Card(3)
    Card to Pocket(4)
    Card to Mouth(2)

    Yeah, you get the idea. I like simple stuff that isn't too angle sensitive and has definitive high points.
  7. Going to make this short because its kinda of late.
    Really depends

    If it's at a party:
    1. Invisble Reverse
    2. Biddle
    3. Desinger for Laughter
    4. Meeting of the Minds
    5. Blind( or You do as I do if Blind is not setup)
    6. Sloppy Shuffle Triumph
    7.ACR w/ card to mouth or card to wallet

    If I have a table:
    Pretty much everything on the first list then throw Collectors Edition somewhere in there. Then Gypsy Thread

    If I need to carry light:
    Deck of Cards and Advocate
    Probably ANATE
  8. I always do Jokers wild.
    I have been really enjoying the changes I make to my ACR, so I use it a lot too.
    I also enjoy my patter for biddle.
    And my latest/current 'toy'/bit is Little Hand. Always catches them off guard.
  9. collectors(chad nelsons)
    dr. daleys last trick
    carbon paper
    match bite
  10. If it is for street performances then Id say this would be an average of what you'd see me with

    poker sized tarot cards
    bikes(red or blue)
    Fire Wallet
    hammer or cane
    coin puse
    pocket ouiji boards (out to lunch gimmick)
    Optional animal trap
  11. yeah. i suppose that doesn't burden you too much.

    and the comment about using borrowed objects was more directed towards unnatural magic like carrying your own forks for bending our bringing a can of soda for sinful, etc.... but you are correct much of your routine does seem centered around organic magic, but you did leave out loops, those are not something i would think to grab as i was just leaving. but maybe that fits your style.
  12. exactly why do people need alot?
  13. I agree. Unless you're a professional, you don't need a lot of material. The tricks I listed before are the ONLY things I perform. I want to be do it over and over so I can develop them more and more to the point where i know everything about them and know exactly what works and what doesn't.
  14. Loops are always in my wallet as well. :)
  15. I was going for more of a telemarketer approach:

    "Please rate our product on a scale of one to 10. 10 being very satisfied, one being very dissatisfied."
  16. ya if your a professional you need a bit more xD
  17. I think it's quite good to have a smaller list of effects that you have mastered instead of doing a billion effects and 90 percent of them are half assed. It's something I'm trying to fix myself. Every cool effect I see I want to be able to do it! Shame on me!
  18. same! I'm in total same situation as you!

    So last week, I sat down, and think patiently what ever tricks I know, I wrote them down, and note them in my cellphone. So now every night, I practice all the tricks I listed inside it.

    And now I see, I found out that, my arsenal of tricks are damn limited.
    around 18 of them, in a mixture of cards, coins, and rubber bands :(
  19. You are not alone :).
    I ever so often carry a deck with me and a pad of paper with a pencil and boon. Thats about it. If someone just wants to see something i bend my Pinky Finger(can't remember the effects name but its over at DanOrDave).

    Also i tend to travel so lightly that i just hope over to a store and buy my needed utilities. I do take with me a few things but carrying paper and envelopes is just silly. Id rather buy them from the city im in.

  20. 2 card transpo
    my packet routine
    my sandwich routine
    a lot of rubberband stuff

    thats what I do most of the time, not in that order but I also do other tricks if I need to

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