t11 : Saturday Night Contest - For The Record

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jonraiker, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. Congrats all of you!

    Bao, that was amazing, very nice.

    Robert, that was crazy good, and hard looking.

    2 Legit 2 Quit, that was amazing! My fingers were tiring fast just watching you!

    Great job all you guys!
  2. Damn I would have done more werms on my tredmill if I knew earlier
  3. Haha, I totally lol'd at the balloon and the un-focused coin hahaha
  4. Hi guys,

    this is my submission. This is the most tictac penetration with coins or the FRESH SCENT Effect by Marcus Eddie, while kneeling on a floor sprinkled with salt (the rock salt manufactured in the Philippines are large grained), while being blindfolded, and while balancing a LARGE CORONA 80-SHeet Notebook on the head. THe materials used are pebbles instead of Tictac...

    Hope you guys enjoy...

  5. Haha That was pretty cool! lol
  6. Thanks..I didn't realize the contest is over...But atleast I made someone laugh here.I'm from the Philippines and it kinda hard to know what time the contest starts and ends from my point of view...See you guys next time again...
  7. First, good job everybody:)

    Wow awesome :D Thanks a lot guys :) can't wait for that PM *clearing inbox space for Jon's PM* :p

    And I'm not the only one that noticed that I flashed a lot. The video is going to be private in a few days. :)

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