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  1. haha, thanks CRP. So many great entrys!!

    2 Legit... Very nice. I have enough trouble doing 1 good Cardini change in under a minute :D
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    Ok here's mine, I did the most correctly-guessed coin flips in a row (I hope, I couldn't find an actual number for anyone else):


    Here's another version of the video with bloopers at the end, I wanted to submit this one, but I was running out of time, and I couldn't get it edited together:


    Also, if anybody is wondering, the song is "I'm Slowly Turning into You" by the White Stripes, it's from their Icky Thump album.
  3. I appreciate all of your guys' comments! It means a lot!
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  5. Choosing a winner tonight was extremely difficult. We were able to narrow it down to a few selections, which we then chose the winner from - but it wasn't easy.

    First and foremost, I'd like to extend honorable mentions to ZacEckstein, Creeper, Aly Moursy, 2 Legit 2 Quit, LuseifHo, and zachmonky for your entries! You guys made judging this contest nearly impossible, and for that I commend you. ;)

    Without further ado, however, our winner tonight is Bao Hoang for executing way too many (flawless) coin vanishes to count in one minute! Very smooth, my friend. Full info on redeeming your prize pack will be sent via PM within 24 hours.

    Thanks again to all who participated! In my opinion, one of our most enjoyable contests to date.
  6. Presenting the worlds first deck of cards... ON WHEELS!.


    I have done this before and it did actually move, but this time i was all out of superglue.

    Hope you like it

    - Jenai

    EDIT : DANG Im 1 minute late!

    Anyway Congratulations Bao Hoang
  7. Ugh just got my video stuff running only realize Saturday night apparently ends at 11 pm, not midnight. And I was going to appropriately go for the most classic passes in a minute. I hit 55 easily in a practice run.
  8. Congratulations!
  9. Congrats Bao!!! But I honestly think that Robert Livingston should have at least gotten an honorable mention, because that's hella hard to do!
  10. I most definitely concur! Huge thanks to Robert for his entry, as well. :D
  11. Congrats, Bao Hoang! :) Also, if I'm not mistaken, isn't this the third time he has won? You, Bao Hoang, have a thing for winning SNCs, lol.
  12. Congrats to Bao and kudus to everyone that entered.
  13. corgrantz bao u deserved it....and jon thanks for the mention :)
  14. congrats BH,

    and all the videos entered were jaw dropping anyway. crazy stuff
  15. Thanks for the honorable mention Jon

    And thanks Casey :D

    Mad props to you Bao.
  16. Congrats Bao,
    That vanish is hella hard to do.
  17. I made another version with some bloopers at the end. They're pretty funny, one is an attempt at the same record that Zac did, with much less successful results. Even if you already saw the other one, this one's still fun to watch:


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