Talent show effect seen by hundreds

Jun 13, 2013
I am somebody who mostly works with cards but the talent show for my school is coming up and last year I was ill prepared, I was told there would be around 200 parents, students and teachers at the talent show but after the final count it was around 500 they didn't have a place for everybody because they weren't expecting it. Now as a card magician I want to branch out and do magic that can please all 500 people if that be the case this year. Where should I start, I have royal road to card magic, mnemonica, 13 steps by corrinda, modern coin magic, lessons in card mastery, and tarbells course in magic volume 6. I just don't know where to start I have read since I would most likely find something in there but i'm just stumped. What should I look into? I'm interested in Mentalism and am thinking about performing a pk touch routine or even something with ropes, thanks.


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Sep 14, 2008
Louisville, OH
When is the event? How much practice time can you get in? Budget?
As far as cost efficiency, you can't go wrong with ropes on stage as far as visibility. You could do a Fiber Optics routine, a linking rope / rings routine, etc.

Um...what about some mentalism on stage but using staff members photos blown up poster size? That might play well with some funny
patter and such.

20th century silks.

Tossed out deck.

I'm just trying to think of things where you won't have to go out and drop $500 on something for a stage.

If you are absolutely going to perform card tricks for an audience of 500 or more, then you are most definitely going to need someone with a camera feed going to a big screen.
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