Tally-Ho : Tinychat

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dbmagic4, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. Come join me
  2. Come chat with me. No one is on!
  3. come on why is there no one on?
  4. I am always on *Wink*
  5. yo dudes, im on the tally-ho room as you are reading this, plus, the sign in problem has been fixed.

    so come join, one and all!!
  6. let the record show that I, Faust, the legend, was in the tally-ho chat room. Will be back.
  7. Im on tally
  8. imon cards n tally-ho
  9. quite the chat right now.
  10. goin on now
  11. Im there... Come on down, lets party :)
  12. Seriously guys, get the hell in here.


  13. Big chat going on right now
  14. Come chat with me! :mad:
  15. Im all alone... come down?

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