"that thing" from ellusionist?

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  1. so if you haven't seen it already
    essentially it looks like a version of smoke with the hands and the first thing that comes to mind with me is the ipod on the table with headphones coming out of it so will you need an ipod to do this effect? Thoughts?
  2. Whatever that thing is- that **** is CRAZZZZZZZZZZZZY. i mean. first thing that pops into my mind is Smoke. but he has no sleeves.

  3. Looks ok, would like Eric to chime in and let us know whether this is an actual thing that will (Or at least could) be marketed, or whether it was just a one-off thing there and then...
  4. hah, I have no idea what it is, but it looks awesome! :)
  5. Could it have something to do with the watch!?
  6. My sources tell me this will leave you dirty rigged. Not as clean, easy, or practical as Smoke. From what I hear the pricetag will make you want to cry.

    That's all I can say for now. Nothing I know is confirmed, but it should be fairly reliable. As soon as I know more legit, non-exposing details, you will hear.

    Don't get your hopes up.

  7. Sweet Jeezus, tell me it's not another rubber tube running down your sleeve
  8. From the looks of it the gimmick is very natural, I believe it's gonna be called "Pure Smoke".

    Looks great.
  9. I was hanging out all week with Eric, and the rest of the boys over at E. I had a chance to not only see this new thing, but also I purchased a copy for myself.

    Here's the details. It's a new and improved smoke from hand gimmick like the Ultra Smoke 2000 system HOWEVER this system does not eat away or destroy the lining in your sleeves. It's a safe, non toxic alternative that works on the same principle as the E-cigs. It produces giant, thick plumes of water vapor through the use of a specially engineered double thick cartridge.

    The new "thing" is capable of releasing the smoke in two bursts. One is a three second burst, the other a five second burst. While currently only white smoke is available, by the end of the year we can expect to see other colors such as Red, Green, Blue, and Black smoke to hit the market.

    E will be selling refill cartridges through their website, and they should retail for around 20$ for ten of them. Each cartridge is good for about 40 (or so) bursts of smoke. The thing will probably retail for around 150$. I estimate high on this, because I don't know if the price I got was a convention only thing or not.

    As for ending dirty with it, that really depends upon how you work. The thing (the name of the device is Pure Smoke) comes with two rigging setups that allow you to either attach it to your wrist, or to the inside of your jacket. If you chose the jacket route, then you can pull your sleeves up and end clean. If you go the wrist route, then no... you'll be dirty. So far, I'm liking the wrist strap better, only because it feels more secure to me.

    I'm pretty damn excited about this thing, and I've been playing with it all day yesterday. It should be a powerful prop in the right hands. In the wrong hands, it'll be an expensive toy. Either way it's a lot of fun to work with.
  10. I've been waiting for a new smoke from hands device... After seeing all the complaints and horrible reviews on Ultrasmoke
  11. Yes, well a review for this new one from me is shortly coming.
  12. Interesting...but probably not something I will be working with. Thanks Draven for the info.
  13. Is the gimmick easy to get in/out of during performance? Can your hands be shown empty?
  14. You can show your hands empty, and if necessary roll up your sleeves, depending on how you have it set up.
  15. Do you know when this will be release from E? I'm more interested in the color smoke, should look amazing.
  16. In my opinion, this video seems to be very misleading to me because I was at Magic Live and I know that this can't be done with a short sleeve shirt. Yes, in the end, there's a way to roll your sleeves up but definitely can't be done short sleeved during the effect. I'm not going to go so far as to tip the method but William Draven, you were at Magic Live and I was to, so maybe we can help clarify Eric Jone's performance.
  17. Eric Jones performed with a jacket, it is possible depending on how you rig the gimmick to produce smoke from a short sleeve shirt. All you have to do is position the gimmick belly level inside your jacket or vest. keep hands at belly level, and wallah, instant smoke from no sleeves.
  18. that's a good thing to have in mind before buying anything
    will i really use it ?
  19. I think he means that the video Ellusionist posted on their site had Eric performing with a short sleeve shirt on to spark interest, while in reality you can't perform it short sleeved. He most likely demo'd the effect with a jacket on to you guys personally, but to create buzz he did it short sleeved.
  20. Casey,

    No I understand what he was trying to say. Yes when in person Eric was in a jacket doing demos, but I can see how the gimmick can be rigged to be performed short sleeved. It is possible. May not be preferable, but it is possible. The point I'm getting at is that wasn't false advertisement.

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