The Advocate by Daniel Madison

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by louis, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. Its no bigger than a deck of cards. You can make it work with any clothes, I cant see anyone having trouble with that.
  2. but can u do regular tricks with this gimmicked deck
  3. I cant answer this question without leading to exposure.
  4. Well if you mean show it? No you cannot.

  5. Dude, the effect use a normal deck of cards, plus the gimmick. Now the deck is normal until you want it to be an Invisible deck, a Brain Wave deck ect.

    The Advocate gimmick is completely separate from the deck of cards until you want it to be.

    Cheers, Tom
  6. When I first got Advocate and read the first page, I was a little disappointed. But when I continued to read and see how innovative and versatile Advocate was, I became very excited. Its very easy to create and take with you. Reset will probably require a quick bathroom break though, unless you practice.
  7. yes but in a video you never know it's staget..
  8. can you use the card afterwards? like in a tnr effect?
  9. They're normal cards, so yes.
  10. So... would I be right in saying that even though the deck can be borrowed and that the deck is ungimmicked that you can't just have the spectator give you any old deck and perform some of the effects?

    As in what if the spectator has a brand of deck that I've never seen before? Will I still be able to perform some of the effect just as impromptu as the reviews lead on? Or if I normally use red back bicycle decks then is that the only style of deck I can use.

    Not trying to fish for methods, and I know this doesn't REALLY matter, but it would definitely seal the deal for me if I could just pick up any deck and run with these effects.

  11. This cannot be done properly with a deck design you've never seen before.
  12. Can the deck used for this trick be used for normal card tricks afterwards. If so is there any preparation required. Or if normal card tricks cannot be performed after doing the trick are there any tricks in the video that can be done with the deck with a totally different effect. Thanks.
  13. It can be used for other tricks after. remember, the deck can be borrowed.
  14. Thanks for the help. How would you rate it out of 10.
  15. Hard to say. i'd probably give it an 8-9 because it is practical and lots of fun to perform. And it allows you to be very creative.
  16. What are the downsides of it?
  17. if you are just starting, it will be difficult and it takes confidence to perform. That's all I can think of right now.
  18. Thanks, I think I'll buy it.
  19. It doesn't make you fart gold nor does it make Danny Garcia appear. Apart from that, it's great.
  20. The Advocate will not be sold anymore after midnight tomorrow (4/18) according to Madison's website. So if you've been holding out, now is your last chance.

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