The Advocate by Daniel Madison

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  1. Do you have any idea why that is?
  2. Maybe he realized that he was an idiot for selling it in the first place, lol. If I were him I would have kept it in a safe and had it released after my death. It's just too damn good.
  3. Lol. I guess he wants another legendary product like Lethal. This effect sounds so godlike and perfect. I was going to buy Pressure but I'm sure that can wait.
  4. No word of a lie. Pressure is a steaming pile of exrement compared to the Advocate. (shoot, Pressure is a steaming pile of excrement compared to most stuff so maybe not the best example I could have thought of, but still). The Advocate makes you a miracle worker if you perform it right. Period. It's ridiculous.

    I smacked it out at work and engineered it so my boss took the card out of his own desk drawer, and I'd never touched the deck. You can do anything with this. Get it.
  5. Hey, I bought the advocate a while ago and just now got to practice it. I lost the way to my PDF and was wondering if somebody could PM me or MSN me with a little help with the gimmick, I have made it and everything but there is a problem with achieving part of the effect.

    Thanks in advance
  6. WHAT! how is that possible with this trick.. i have it but dont see that happening
  7. If you work gigs, it does take up an entire pocket space (you can put other things in the pocket... but I wouldn't recommend it, space in the pocket will be good), and is a little difficult to completely reset quickly (without leaving the performance space). Those are two downsides.
  8. Either you don't have it... Or you didn't read it properly. It's pretty much explained...
  9. If you've lost the PDF, message Daniel Madison at, I'm sure he'll be willing to let you re-download it.
  10. Where to get it

    Yea but now they're not selling it anymore it sais on his website so how do i get it

  11. You can't any more. Unfortunately you missed your chance.


    Cheers, Tom
  12. As Mat LaVore mentioned 2 pages ago, it was taken off the shelf.
  13. Good things come to those who wait... soon.
  14. Bayme you fiend. Looking forward.

  15. Ohhhh, boy. This should be interesting.

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