The Art Of Card Manipulation by Jeff McBride

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Hunter, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. I was wondering does anybody have "The Art Of Card Manipulation?" I was looking on picking this up cause the effects you really good!

    I just want to hear if its worth the money?

    Magically Yours,
    Hunter the Stunter
  2. I have all 3 vol. of AocM. And yeah, it's worth the money, but i have to warn you that in order to performe smoothly these effects, you need to be vary skilled, i give it 8/10 on difficulty and the 10 is like puling an empire state building from your nose lol. So it has vary beautifull effects, card productions, fans, etc. But its very difficult. And like everything, if you prastise hard, you can do it ;)

    Hope i helped
  3. Ok thanks man! Yes I am very willing to put my time in to these tricks, but does hand size matter?

    Magically Yours,
    Hunter the Stunter
  4. I dont think that hand size matters, cause i saw this girl (i forgot her name) performe it, so if she can do it, you can do it ;)
  5. Ok thanks for all the help!:)
  6. This stuff is so hard! Especially back palming. Most of the flourishes taught are fairly easy and basic, but most of the productions are extremely difficult to do well. It's a great series if you're willing to put in the time. Everything is taught very well so you shouldn't have no problem learning anything. It's expensive, but if you like productions it's worth it.
  7. I only own volume one at this point, but there's enough material there alone to keep my busy for a while yet. I still don't have backpalming down like I want. But several of the color changes are now staples in my routines.

    Also, the sections where Jeff shares his wisdom on performance theory is pure gold. I would buy the DVDs just for this.
  8. I am assuming backpalming is in the first volume? I decided to creep over to the edge of the roof without jumping off and mix in about 20% of my time dedicated to manipulation and getting a few more sleights down. Jeff is certainly my first choice to learn this from so I might dive in.

  9. Back palming and pivots are covered. Later volumes cover back palm vanishes in more detail and backpalming multiple cards at once. Jeff is one of those people who can back palm an entire deck and produce the cards one-by-one.
  10. The first volume only teaches backpalming one card (vanish and reproduction). Producing multiple cards (Cardini single) and split fans is on volume 2.
  11. Even though they were produced quite a while ago, this series is still the source for learning classical card manipulation. If you want to learn stage manipulation, then you won't be at all disappointed.


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