The best rising card deck?

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  1. i concidering buying a rising card deck but with so many out there which to buy?

    i like the one david blaine does where he puts the card in the box, but i dont know what one its called? anyone know?

    thanks for your advice...
  2. I think its the one found in Ellusionist
  3. thanks but is there any where you can get a red version of the deck?

    is it the Galdini version?

    its the only red one i can find?

    the rest are ghost or tiger which are from ellsuionist
  4. Any normal magic shop should have a standard rising deck in red - If you must shop online, try somewhere like penguin or MJM, or if in the uk, try

    Search rising card and you'll find it.


  5. Try schwing in TOoC or in the 1on1 section.
  6. E does sell a red rising card deck.
  7. Please don't buy the rising card deck that E carries. I absolutely hate it. I never use it at all. Sometimes it won't even work.
  8. The particular rising card that David Blaine does, I believe, is nothing more than a standard rising card deck that you can get at any magic retail shop. However to make it as effective as Blaine does you need to do two simple things. (Don't worry guys, I am not going to expose the workings behind the deck.)

    1. Remove the tabs from the card case.
    2. Take out a few cards from the deck, give or take 4 to 6 cards.

    Viola! With a little practice you now have a rising card deck that handles in the hands, just like David Blaine's deck. I've done it for about 3 years myself. It never fails to amaze me how much laypeople enjoy this trick.
  9. Pick up Box Monster and be ready with any deck.
  10. Personally the best rising card effect ive ever come across is Jeff McBrides Kundalini Rising.

    ~Nate Hickey
  11. I didn't like that effect too much. I couldn't ever really get it set up.
  12. With kundalini rising you can use a borrowed deck, it happens in their hands, and your left clean...does it get any better? lol Hope this helps.

    ~Nate Hickey
  13. wow it has now got me more confussed in which effect to use without knowing the effect and what it consits of its hard, i would rather a simple effective one than alot of prop peices if you catch my drift. i would aslo like one you can handle well...thanks for all your feedback
  14. The best rising card deck, is no rising card deck.

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