The Duck Change

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  1. It was miscredited on control freak as the 'dark' change.

  2. ok i usually hold the card with my middle and thumb
    and with my first finger on top it helps push the card forward to flip
    (that way the change happens faster)

    hope that helps!
  3. This also means you don't have to angle the right hand (I personally think Dave angles the hand a bit too much when doing it in Déjà vù, but it's personal preference).

  4. No the the Duck Change is created by Hiro Sakai and the Superflip Change is created by Ben Harris. Two different changes and two different ways the cards flip. I believe that the Super flip the cards go end overe end the short way and in the Duck Change they go end of end the long way. Erik?
  5. They both flip "book-wise", in different directions though, but the mechanics of the changes are still 100% different.


  6. Alright, that's what I thought. Thanks for clearing that up.
  7. Someone on the dnd forums actually posted something about this and it really, really helped me. Now i can get the change 100% of the time and 90% of the time it lands perfectly.

    Dan and Dave never actually learned this move from a proper source ( from what i've read,.. ) . They teach it 50% correct, your fingers are in that position, but you do not angle it 45 degrees. Grab a 7 of hearts, when you do the move your index finger should rest right on top of the right curve on the middle heart. This moves the card pivot and flip.
  8. I was tired when I "cleared that up", sorry. The both flip book-wise in the same direction, that's it.

  9. the best way i know to do the duck change is to do it using only 2 cards. i say that because i can do it every time with 2 cards. do it till you feel comfortably with it. then use 3 cards. then build it up to 4 cards as in the trick. thats how i did it. i really took the time to learn it because de'javu is one of my favorite tricks
  10. Oh well.. Most people have the Trilogy anyways.

    To me the Superflip seems really obvious but whatever sinks your ship i guess.

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