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    Sup guys, had an idea, thought Id share, hopefully you will agree. Yes Im a random forum dude but Ive seen some stuff and Id like to think I know what Im talking about. I think this community has potential and to bring that out I think new people need a little guidance.

    First off, I want to be frank with you and give my opinions on the community right now, if you could call it a community. First off, we need to remember what we are doing here. We're playing with a deck of cards. The guys who are experienced think what we do is all high and mighty and not everyone can do this. You have to realize anyone can do what we do. Im not saying they can do this stuff easily, but with practice anybody can become the next Andrei, or Devo, or Dan and Dave.

    Second point Id like to hit is more and more people are so concerned about the community, and this guy stole this guys moves, or this guy posted this on that noob forum, blah blah blah blah. Im gonna be straight shouldnt care. I may sound hypocritical saying this while posting this thread, but hear me out. When I come on a forum I want to have an intellectual discussion with people. I dont want to waste away at my computer making wise cracks with other kids. You have NO idea how regrettful I am for spending so much time on forums when I started out. I still do, Im guilty. I made those wisecracks. I was a prick to people just starting out. I wish I would of just got away from the computer and practiced. We're talking thousands of hours wasted. What do I have to show for it? High post count?

    Forums are great, dont get me wrong. You can get instant help if your having trouble with a move, you can voice your opinion on products, learn and teach new techniques, etc etc. Thats a two way street. Someone has to tell these kids this. No one has stepped up and said HEY, DO NOT DO THIS. I will try my best at doing so, but only so many members will listen to me.

    If your just starting out, dont post. Its that simple. Suck it all in. Listen to the pros, the veterans, NOT the guts with 5,000 posts. Dont come and ask people their favorite deck, or the best flourisher, or the hardest flourish. Not only have these topics been discussed litetally hundreds of times, but think about it. Those questions mean nothing, neither do the answers. It doesnt matter who some kud from some 15 year old from Idaho says about who would win, Dan or Dave. If your starting out, focus ALL your free time on technique and practice. I promise you, if do this, you WILL get better quicker. And you will thank me in the future.

    I know Im not the greatest candidate to say all this. Hell Ive posted cynical unneeded posts TODAY. But you can change.

    My final words will be simple. Practice. Practice long and hard and you can become the greatest. You HAVE to practice your ass off if you want to go anywhere with this. Hopefully a mod can sticky this. I know its long, but I think this is worth something. Thanks for your time,
  2. Hey, just to say that I liked all your post especially this two paragraphs:

    and this one:

    Looking forward to see you post more often here than before creeper, so that I and more people can learn more.

    P.S and yes I do have a high post count :p
  3. According to RDChopper I'm the best magicans he ever met:p. I already ahead of you Creeper and cut down my hours on these forum and pratice like at least 3 to 4 hours a day.
  4. Yes you are :D
  5. I completely agree with everything you said.

    Also, I know people are harsh here (yes i'm talking to you RDChopper) but I really feel as though it's pushed me to become a better magician. I've mainly conquered my nerves and I really feel as though my performing skills have increased due to the practice I now realize I needed. I'd so much rather get someone's opinions on something here, rather than on some of those penguin forums with little "YouTube" magicians who just want to learn as many tricks as they can for free to post them of the web to show all their friends without any amount of practice. Now they could show it to their parents who would tell them it's amazing even though they completely saw how it was done or they could show it to someone with an honest opinion who would tell them that it needs a lot of work. I see theory 11 as the community with the honest opinion. I think one of the greatest skills a person can have is realizing that that, sometimes harsh, opinion isn't meant to insult you but to help you and to use that opinion to be a better magician.

    Also, I think people do need to go a bit easy on some people here. Some people here are new to magic and they may seem like those You Tube magicians at first but I don't blame them. I have no shame admitting that I too was one of them. When I first started as a magician, I was terrible. As I stuck with magic and time passed, I kept advancing and my skills grew to the magician I am today. Sure, I still may not be as good as half the people on here but I've progressed a lot and I'm proud of that and I can still get a good reaction from the spectators.

    I know that was a REALLY long post and if you read the whole thing I thank you for hearing my opinion. I just figured I'd share my thoughts.

  6. I forgot to mention this earlier.

    Also, many have posted threads offering their complaints about the community and attempt to "change" it but it isn't going to happen. Honestly, why waste time attempting to change the community when you could spend it succeeding in changing yourself for the better.
  7. Best post of all time. That what I though too. Forgot everybody, just worry about yourself.

    Good night everybody,it pass my bedtime.
  8. Yes Im harsh, Im trying to fix that :)
  9. Thanks a lot.
  10. Don't worry. Like I said in my post it can be good. Tough love works. Besides, I find it amusing at times. And it's good to know that no matter how good a performance is, there's always at least one person there to give advice.

    And also I think it's great the way you encourage people to go out and perform. You can be the greatest magician in the world, but if you never perform for anyone, what's the point.
  11. I like that quote :)

    Everyone should take that quote into consideration and take action.
  12. Then said person would never be the greatest magician in the world.
    Becuase how can he/she be if there is no one to tell him that they are.
    and would seriously lack any acting and performance skills.
  13. I like that quote :)

    Everyone should take that quote into consideration and take action.
  14. Thanks. I'm trying my hardest to take it into consideration myself.

    What exactly do you mean by that? Could you expand?
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    Well in agreeing with what you mean but also questioning it.
    The part of "He can be the greatest magician in the world,but if he doesnt perform..." that last bit contradicts the first.
    How can anyone be the greatest magician and not perform? Thats what a magician does.Perform.
    Technical skill at card play does not grant one that title.And there are other genres of magic that dont rely heavily on technicality but rather on performance and misdirection.Which is way harder than any sleight.
  16. That's actually a really good thought. I completely agree with that. I stand partially corrected
  17. I take it you don't think of Ed Marlo or Daniel Garcia as magicians then. Neither of them are predominantly known for performance, neither of them perform(ed) for a living, and they would consider themselves creators rather than performers.
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    Woah when the heck did I ever talk about performing for a living?
    I said performing in general. They perform.
    It doesnt matter what they consider themselves.They perform.
    And if either of them didnt,then they wouldnt have the title of "worlds greatest magician" then.No matter how much or what they created.
  19. The argument "Only worry about yourself" doesn't apply to those passionate about flourishing. I (and a ton of other people) want this art to excel and be mainstream. Hell you could become the best flourisher of all time, but that will only help yourself, not the art.

    We have to get things moving here, and fast. The art of flourishing is pretty stagnant right now. Sure a couple people here and there are still putting out crazy stuff, but we need more than that. We have to weed out all the cynical people who don't belong. We have to encourage people to practice more, and to come up with original material. Imagine if EVERYONE created original material (I'm talking real original material, not a Pandora variation) Imagine if everyone had the passion for flourishing that people like Andrei or DnD or Devo has. I can only name a couple people that have made a difference with what we do. Somewhere along the way people stopped being innovative and just made videos and DVDs, thinking they can change the art with a friggin "Underground" "Limited edition" dvd.
  20. What Flourishers have to address is what they want flourishing to be?
    Saying lets improve our art doesnt say or mean anything.
    What does thou mean by that?
    If they can answer themselves that,then the gears start turning.

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