The Invisible Deck

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  1. So I want to do the Invisible Deck in my school talent show.

    My idea was acting like I forgot the deck and then using pantomime, similar to Bill Malone's Standing Ovation Presentation, with lots of audience involvement and funny moments. I produce the deck, reveal the card, and have the standing ovation for the audience participant.

    Do you think this could be a closer?
    Are there any ways to make the ID play to a big theatre, without using jumbo cards and a projector?

  2. Are there any ways to make the invisible deck big? It's already a big effect. First off, with how easy it is to perform and how simple the plot can be, it opens up a world of presentation possibilities. There are so many things you can do with this principle. just think about the potential it has.
  3. i think it should be a closer. start off simple, then end big
  4. It most definitely can be your closer. How big of a theater are you talking? How big will the crowd be?
  5. Alain Nu has a brilliant presentation for The Invisible Deck on a stage.

    Ill see if i can hunt down a performance, if not you might have to ask him.

    The jist though, everything is invisible, his watch, the deck, and slowly everything appears. Its amazing and its absolutely brilliant to watch.

  6. I did ID for my school's talent show, and it went great. I used jumbo cards they already worked like a regular one when I set it up, no dullcote spray needed. Here is what I did, maybe you can grab some inspiration from it:
    I really like "coincidence" or prediction effects, so I started out with three pieces of paper in the audience, labeled Color, Number, and Suit. The participants were random, and I had each one select an option from the paper they were holding (Red or black for color, 1-13 Number, ect.) and then I said I made a prediction in the deck before I came onstage and then performed it. I held the deck vertically so I could easily spot their card and do the reveal. It went over great and everyone loved it.

    Hope that helps with some ideas possibly!


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