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  1. Hi everyone. As some of you may know there is a new magic website that just opened today ( Annd well I have to say it is outrageous, the price for shipping is 27 dollars for North American orders, and 49 for anywhere else... But there was one trick that caught my eye here

    Can anyone identify this trick? I really don't want to buy it from this site for 85 dollars :/

    Thanks guys
  2. It seems like you are paying for a gimmicked bracelet.

    It also appears that this is an exclusive product.

    I highly doubt anyone will be able to give you a favorable answer.
  3. That's it? That's the ad? showing it fall to the ground and then briefly pass through somebodies wrist. Isn't there an old effect where you can do exactly the same thing with a borrowed scarf..
  4. To be honest , in my opinion , Touch by Hanson Chien is better :)
  5. I watched their company trailer. Some pretentious propaganda about how magic is dead, and all known paid acts are comedians, and some revolt is coming. They're playing on the dark, and edgy look is cool, and certainly trying to theme their site or image to that of an underground street kind of thing. I can't view anything on their website without logging into an account, but I'm already sure that this image will only appeal to the teen to twenty year old demographic. I can already feel the mass amount of eye rolling from the older magicians taking place.

    If they are producing a movie, or some kind of web series then I'd certainly watch it. Their cenematics are beautiful. But if all this is just hype for a website that will produce the next "revolution" in magic then I'll pass. If they really are any good then let their products speak for themselves. I don't buy into hype of this kind.
  6. I agree . I too don't like the fact that they , like you said , choose to play on the dark , edgy look is cool and a underground street kind of thing theme . And i'm 15 years old .
  7. I will admit that a lot of today's magic is really played up and advertised just like a movie production. I recently shot a magic DVD for a magician who basically just told me, "I don't need any of the fluff and extra BS" Just put the effects and the explanations. Ha Ha.
  8. Looks cool to me. So far it seems they are selling an average looking deck of cards, a card clip and possibly a ring. Revolutionary? No. Possibility of more variety in the magic world, yes.
  9. Not impressed. Their videos look amateur, and it weirds me out that they keep addressing people as "brothers."
  10. It Looks bad
  11. The "Brothers" thing is a nod to what most secret orders and fraternities call their initiates. Churches, and Cults also use the same term. I know what they're going for, I just stand back and roll my eyes. It's completely possible that they could turn out to be the next big thing. Time will tell, and of course I choose to stand back silently observing from a safe distance until they prove their merit. If they have anything worth while to say, then of course I'll support them. As of right now though, all I see is hype, flash, and flair. Entertainment is a performance driven business, and hype only sells decks of cards. That does nothing for my magic.
  12. I completely agree with you.

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    Did it occur to you that they might not want to have mass appeal? Personally, I'm not too taken by their style or products (except for parkour. I've never met another magician that did parkour, like myself) but I thinkthat they may be the one "underground" magic site that isn't BSing. Theory11 used to sport the term and it was bull. But maybe these guys are like the people that legitimately are into certain styles of music like hardcore, metal, and others associated with countercultures, and aren't exactly interested in the opinions of people don't want to be apart of them.

    Anyway, thats what I took from the site.

    For Example: How many guys do you know that do bizarre magick? Now how many try to sell that style to people that don't?
  14. The product video: There a lot of ways that the video could have hidden some really nasty stuff in what looks like plain sight.

    You may wish to wait for reviews. I'd love to know that they built something so awesome that it makes me look like a paranoid jerk. But, I honestly think that some serious reviews from grizzled reviewers are in order.
  15. Maybe, if anyone actually wants to pay their price for a wristband...
  16. Ok so I signed up for an account a while back because before they launched their website they were giving away a lot of free stuff and I thought "Why not." One of the things they gave away was $500 credit on the website, and it appears that you would need it because everything is ridiculously over-priced. I probably will never buy anything from them, though I have to admit that the White Porper that they're selling is quite nice looking.
  17. Tell you what... if the boys over there at Skulkor want to send me a product they want reviewed I'll do it absolutely for free and I'll be brutally honest with what I think of the entire thing. From product quality, to practicality, performance for a live audience, price, and website. However I'm really not thrilled about the price these products are caring with them. It really makes it difficult for me to justify spending that kind of money on a new product, company, and site.

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