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  1. Houdini change.
    there is one where you put a card face up sticking out half way in the middle of the deck.
    one shakes the deck and the card changes. I do not remember the name though. i believe it was used in army of 52.
  2. Just a clarification guys,

    The Twirl Change is usually credited to Ed Marlo. It was originally published under the name of "In Lieu of Vernon's Through the Fist" as far as I know.

  3. In your Face colour change is great.
  4. I thought that was known as the Axis change? or am i wrong
  5. I believe that was the impulse change.
  6. Correct

    Theres also paintbrush change if that hasn't be mentioned already
  7. Thanks a lot you guys. If you can, please give the link to metacafe, youtube, etc videos with the highest quality, and best performances...along with the name of the change. Change montages would be nice, if there are any good ones on youtube. Thanks again.
  8. Orbit Change -
  9. Thank you very much!

    So we are naming changes.

    Why dont we classify them as well.

    What changes leave you dirty?

    What changes leave you clean?

    Snap change. Dirty.
    Spin change. Dirty.
    Bertram change. a little bit of both.
    Shapeshifter. Clean

    You dont have to classify them. But it makes the thread a bit more interesting.
  10. That sounds like a fantastic idea. However, right now I'm working on the links, so when i get a majority of them done, I'll start classifying them as Dirty of not.
  11. I just remember another one:

    Spring change - Brian Tudor - Clean
  12. The Flicker Change (John Cornelius) --Clean
    One-Handed Bottom Deal Change (Daryl) --Clean
    The Eidetic Change (Marlo/Cornelius) --Clean
  13. My favorites are probably shapeshifter and classic.
  14. I like shapeshifter as well, but only with newer gives it the snap.
  15. well, the change i use the most is the shapeshifter, because the reactions i get are just so awesome, i do it in every routine. besides that, my favourite change atm is the daniel madison color change, but he hasn't published it yet, man i can't wait to learn that one! by the way, i think daniel madison would have been the perfect guy for theory11, i just can't understand why he doesn't seem to get the attention he deserves, he's got quite a few unique tricks and a very cool and smooth modern style, i love his magic and his flourishing!

    anyway, you have to check out his color change, he uploaded it to youtube:

    Daniel Madison Color Change @ YouTube
  16. (yangs thang rearange change) from b.v. martins video
    (fat brothers finger bang filtration) from jens pulvers lecture notes sour patch crips
    (overground change) this is in one of my books I can't remember which one at the moment
    earnest earicks its basically marlos snap change but its a little different its called (proteus)its in by force unseen.
    2 jack carpenter changes the (hurricane change) I can't remember the other changes name its in his notes

    Thizz in peace Mac Dre.
  17. I love the ego change^^!
  18. The change is not called Proteus, thats just the name of the trick, he didnt give the change a name i don't think, just stated it was a variation of goldins snap change

    Theres also Snowblind by jack parker
  19. I believe there was Tenkai Change, but not sure where it was from.
  20. Remy, your video link for the flicker change is wrong.

    It's a face up change--The change should look like as if you are simply dropping the face-up card on the table, and suddenly it changed its face as it landed.

    I don't think there is a video of it out there.....but you can try your luck.

    And should we find a better "video hosting site" out there instead of youtube? After all you might just end up having people filming videos for the sake of this Topic, and using youtube for hosting the clip.....which at the end isn't a good thing.

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