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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by remy, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. I'm excited to learn that people are actually liking my color changes... I didn't realize how many people had been watching those videos until very recently.


    -Christopher Rose
  2. yeah, jay noblezada's dvd is pretty good.
  3. oh. if i haven't stated before, another one of my favorite changes is the snap change. i do it with my left hand, and i have my own variation. i like to cover up the front of my left hand so the spectator only sees the right side of the card. i think it looks cooler. plus you can cover up a lot of the dirty part.
  4. color changes

    wow, as stated this is a very extensive list of color changes. I am also very excited to see that a lot of you have noted my "in your face change" and "orbit change" as some of your favorites. It has been a pleasure sharing these effects with you. My thanks go to you.

    To continue with the list i would like to concure with everyone about the Erdnase color change. It really is a true classic of magic that should never go overlooked.
    Also Shapeshifter is a great change that gets great reactions. Both are Very Clean.
  5. Just a quick note. The flutter change video is NOT Kurtz's change. That needs to be fixed.

    Also don't forget the old stand by of the snap change and the throw change. (Don't remember who originated it. Malone teaches it on his "on the Loose" dvd's.)

    I will admit the in your face change looks great. You do end very dirty and is kinda hard to recover from. I have been working with it for a bit now and I found a few good clean ups that works well for me. (So Bill if yer interested in hearing them, lemme know.)
  6. Wow, it's a pleasure to have you comment on this. thanks for your work and your opinion :)
  7. erdnase, ego, shapeshifter, click, jones, snap, duck, paintbrush, one handed spin an my favorite impulse change.

    there are my collection of color changes, known and favorite

    great topic

  8. I'm suprised no one's really mentioned the omnipotent Axis Change, which can be used as a "color change, force, control, et al." :D

  9. my favourites,which i use most often, would be...

    -the duck dhange (hiro sakai)
    -erdnase/houdini change (erdnase/houdini)
    -impulse change (jack carpenter)
    -ego change (daniel garcia)
    -snap change (cardini)
    -top change(?)
    -flop change (paul harris)
    -twirl change (i'm gonna say marlo as 'in lieu of the thru the fist change', as thats what i learned it as)
    -shapeshifter (marc desouza)
    -classic change (vernon)

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    I believe the video for the classic change on this list is wrong. The video is of the Erdnase change, which somewhere has been incorrectly taught as the classic change. If I'm not wrong, the classic color change is actually an application of the classic palm. Can anyone confirm this?

    Nice list. ;)

  11. You are correct Huruey.

    Actually, whats called Erdnase color change is actually the Two Handed Transformation, First method ( there are 6 two handed methods, and 2 one handed methods .. )

  12. I can't find a vid, but the X- Change was one of the best imo. Slow motion change.

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