the.Wire puzzle???

Jul 23, 2009
put the puzzle in the url and it says "1619074You are now cordially invited to experience The Wire Enter NowExcited?"
The number is based on the time you did it at.
Just learned that if you zoom into the page the quote "You Are Cordially Invited To Experience The Wire" appears, then the button Enter Now appears. Once the button is pressed it takes you to a 403 Access Denied website, any ideas? My computer buddy and I have the thought that the forbidden website will be unlocked once the timer ticks out and take us to the eventual Wire.

Edit:How do you get the hidden message? My computer buddy explains: When you highlight to copy every thing, it is only able to grab things that are not Java script based (text only), hence when you copy all, you only get the secret message. That is also why you get enter now and Excited, along with the text when you copy and paste into the URL bar, and not the countdown numbers or the FaceBook like bar. Because the scale at the original site is not changed (zoomed in) you cannot see the text or Enter Now button until you do so, exciting stuff!!
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Jay Adra

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Jul 11, 2011
Yeah I Firebugged it at the start and saw that "off-screen" div with the enter button (can also just take the position: absolute element off the style to see it). I suppose that is supposed to show when the timer ends and then the 'Wire page' will be unrestricted (at the moment it has a 403 on it).


They've secured everything else well though and no amount of Firebug will unveil what's hidden behind that lock... :( I guess we'll just have to wait.
Sep 1, 2010
it's annoying cuz he's dp is a trollface so i don't know is he's being serious or not hahaha :DD
Aug 29, 2011
Im sure that whatever the wire is, it's worth the two day wait. Hopefully i have enough money to pick up whatever this thing is.
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