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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by goku, Sep 17, 2009.

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  1. Hey guys I just noticed that there is nothing on the wire I know that it probably wont ever be done but was wondering if anyone from theory11 could shed some light on what it was ment to be when they put it up?
  2. my apologies friend, but you just walked into a bear trap. if you dont wanna get chewed out hard by a ton of people i would suggest using the search function to find one of the plethora of threads devoted to the topic.

    good luck
  3. HAHAhahaHAHA
    this has been the first wire thread in a while hasnt it?
    Im thinking there should be a forum rule saying to search first.
    oh well
  4. Nah you didn't just step in a bear trap you stepped on the link flood gate as well.

    Unzips his fly and pulls down his pants*


    A Wall of Links
  5. Wow, it has really been a while!


  6. No...

    ......You have a wall of links in your pants? Oh dear may wanna get that checked out...
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    Actually demon I just thought of an analogy

    Genital Warts are to humans as Wire threads are to theory11.

    When you think they are gone they just keep coming back.
  8. I thought the TV series was actually pretty good.
  9. Does everyone know about my Aunt appearing on TV soon? She's psychic like me. Just thought I would bring it up since someone said "TV"
  10. Your like I living spam bot, just thought I should say that since... well... It was between that and GIANT JACK*SS.
  11. agree, no one cares anymore
  12. As many others have stated, we don't know much about The Wire.:p We also have tons of threads asking this. So please use the search bar next time. ;) The Wire will come... eventually...

    And people can complain all they want, but everyone here knows they will miss The Wire threads when The Wire finally comes out. ;)

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