The World's Hardest and Longest Cut

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    Unedited and False.

    It's called " My Sun and Stars "

    I was going to wait for the final production but I thought I would share the rough draft...

    when I have the final production finished I will be wearing my space outfit and a green screen background in space... this is a false cut i made it that way but i didnt show that it was false in this video but next one i will...

    it took me years to make this...
  2. Is it just me,

    Or do others enjoy your videos more without the space outfit/green screen?

    Anyway, loved it mate. Well done
  3. This is pretty dang awesome my friend. Here's some advice, if you want to show your cuts to many magicians, do it like in this video with maybe more angles!!! Dude, I personally like the space man theme but not every magician/flourisher is going to like it and take your cuts seriously. so maybe trailers should mostly consist of normal flourishing and part of it could have your spaceman theme, then have the full spaceman part in the explanation! :)
  4. It is a very cool flourish, and it looks great. Unfortunately, to me, it looks more like a routine, rather than one continuous cut. There are definite spots where it seems to pause. Other than that, it's Awesome!
  5. Thanks a bunch. I have a idea for that now since I have been getting a lot of responses on that
    I am going 2 make 2 versions from now on. One normal and regular me and one with the
    Themed based idea.
  6. That's a good idea I will do that and try 2 seperate the two to by doing one regular
    And one in space! Thanks a lot. I appreciate the advice and I am going 2 do it!
    Next up is mega star combo # 2 called " lunar apocalypse " which is under construction still and will be done
    By a evil character named dark. cardist galaxsus.
  7. Thanks! Yeah It can be either called a cut or a combo doesn't really matter. To me its both.
  8. I'm not sure I like the space stuff yet, but this was a well made video. This I liked.
  9. This is really cool Trevor, I especially like the display at 3:07. I can really see your skills :)
  10. thanks! Still working on the advanced version of this cut!
  11. thanks sir i appreciate that! 3:07 is cosmos, the intergalactic displays and the burning sun display =)
  12. I would love to see Jason england do this in his poker routine. Priceless!
  13. Jason England flourish?

    Think I'd **** a brick... a brick of Jerry's Nuggets.

    (I know somebody has seen what I've attempted to do there.)

    That's one seriously wild cut. I especially like how it starts off.
  14. Im not sure if you chilled out on the crazy videos because everyone advised you to or because you needed a change. Either way it's for the best, in my opinion. You dont need the space suit or jester suit 'gimmicks' to get attention, your cardistry will get plenty of attention on it's own, trust me. That was brilliant. I dont know if you practised to that music or not, but it seemed to mesh very well as a routine to that song. Well done man.
  15. I was gonna same the same thing.

    But anyway that was SICK man I loved it the best part was nothing looked like anything anyone has done it all seemed like original ideas. Seemed very difficult but you did awesome. And is it just me or were your hands shaking near the end?
  16. I think the difference between the two can be illustrated in what my dad said about golf.

    Rickie Fowler is a pro golfer who is famous for wearing loud clothing on the golf course. When my little sister remarked that she thought he looked ridiculous my dad said the following "You better be a pretty good golfer to pull off something like that". The truth is Rickie Fowler is a great golfer and if he wants to where orange on Sundays power to him.

    I think the same could be said about your cardistry. You better be good if if you want to perform in a space suit. I think you are good, it's just hard to establish that when it is so hidden by special effects and such.
  17. I really like how the attention is on the flourishes themselves and I am not distracted by anything else. That entire sequence must have taken a while to just memorize, so good job. I really like this performance.

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