theory11.bulletin ✯ An Open Call for Cardistry in NYC

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Nov 5, 2009.

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    sent them an email. Awaiting response.
  2. /thread

    Adam is the man.
  3. Oh no

    Well I Live in Cali, but, If I can get to NYC, can I submit a e-mail??

    -Jon R.
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  6. hey wjeung21 I think its kindda obvious what to do dont you think?!
  7. Just a note that there is still a few more hours to submit videos if you have not already and are interested in this opportunity to showcase your skills. Submissions will be reviewed by the production company early tomorrow (Saturday).
  8. Easy come easy go... It will be a while before I forgive myself for this.... Between my camera breaking, sudden complications preventing me from filming, and other random things that only happen in the movies to prevent me from reaching my goal, I could not film my video. Of course, when everything is perfect, and I have my camera ready, and I can finally film, I see you made this post 10 hours ago. Beautiful. Well then, I'm gonna go emo and eat a big tub of ice cream while watching a soap opera.


  9. The new episode of "As the World Turns" is pretty tight. I never expected Hernando to have an evil twin brother who works at a chinese restaurant. ;)

  10. lets be honest doug, you suck compared to adam.
  11. I haven't seen any videos of Adam. You could be right, but I like how you make assumptions without ever once seeing me. :)

  13. So who got it?
  14. Just as an update on this - your submissions are being reviewed by the production company as we speak. The decision is in their hands (as it's their shoot), but will be sure to post any updates or additional information when available. If selected, I would expect to hear from them tonight or early tomorrow (Sunday).
  15. Will you contact the person or will they?
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  17. Any word on their decision JB?
  18. I received an email from the producer this evening and I'll be heading into the studio tomorrow in NYC.

  19. congrats. what'd the email say?
  20. Just got off the phone with the production company, and they said DannyT did a great job on the shoot - they nailed all the footage they were hoping to obtain. Hope to post many more opportunities like this one in the future.

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