Theory11 Gaff Deck?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by greg, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. I agree, 100%!
  2. levitation and torn and restore cards have been made to dead i dude somebody can come out now with a new way of levitation.
  3. To illustrate my idea, I have tried to simulate a post from J Bayme. Please note that this is not really J Bayme! Just imagine if this was real... ;)


  4. That would be truly wicked awesome.

    In saying that though, the E Gaff Deck is just fine so I don't see why we'd need another - Especially after W:H and D-to-the-G finished working on the Ultra Gaff.

    - Sean
  5. i got the ghost gaff deck from E and was very disappointed

    maybe 5-10 cards have a pratical use for, the rest can almost be thrown away.

    i was under the impression the ghost/red/blue decks all had the same gaffs (since i like the ones in the red/blue trailer)
    boy was i mistaken.
  6. Ok guys, stop bashing E. This thread has nothing to do with Ellusionist and if people want to be ignorant and not buy from them, fine, but let's not ruin a forum because of another site.

    Anyway, I don't think that a gaff deck from T11 would be a good idea really. E has a gaff deck out already. Plus, Wayne and Garcia made the Ultra Gaff that is doming out soon on E with 3 DVDs of them teaching things to do with the deck.

    A gaff deck coming out on T11 would be pretty useless. Buy E's Gaff deck with Army of 52, wait until Ultra Gaff comes out and buy the 3 DVDs, or just get both decks without the DVDs (or if you are really full of money... get both decks and all 4 DVDs. ;)). I will tell you though that Army of 52 is a pretty awesome DVD and I recommend it.

    So we already have a gaff and one coming out soon. We have no need for another gaff deck.:rolleyes: Some new gear though from T11 would be nice.

  7. I absolutly agree.
    I also use about 5-10 cards from E's red gaff deck.
    Also, many cards have almost the same effect!
    That's why I probably won't buy the UltraGaff deck...
  8. A gaff deck by anyone would be very cool, because there are at least 6 billion people in this world, who all think differently.
    I wouldnt by it unless I got to go through all of the cards, to see which I would actually use in a show.

    The Ellusionist Gaff deck is really good, and this is my opinion, just like all of yours, so calm down, and relax.

    The E. Gaff deck is great, and I cant wait to see what the Ultra looks like.
    And it's not an expensive deck to get, its $30, but will last you a long time, and theres so many possibilites you can do with it, and variations to get different reactions.

    Saying that it is too much, tells me that your very new into magic, so once you get a chance I'll adise you to get one, as alo of bigtime Magicians I know have them.
  9. First of all, I would like to say that you really need to spell check your sentences because I can barely understand anything you have said. That whole paragraph you wrote was one sentence. I know your 15 and all, but come on.

    Ultra Gaff deck was made by Wayne Houchin and Danny Garcia, so I'm sure it has a little to do with T11. Why would they make another deck after just finishing one for Ellusionist?

    I love it when people say that E has nothing to do with T11.
    Of course it does. Their part of a monopolistic competition along with many other magic companies. Their all trying to compete. No matter what anyone else says, it's all competition. Has anyone ever took an Economics class?

    Ultra Gaff probably won't be sold here because it's E's product. So if you want a gaff deck, buy Ultra Gaff at E when it releases.

    After Ultra gaff releases, there isn't going to be a high demand for another gaff deck, so chances of T11 making one at the moment isn't likely.

    I'm happy about that too. Why do we the customers need another gaff deck on the market? We already have many options to pick from with other magic stores. It's not a sin to buy from different magic companies.
    I would rather have Theory11 work on more important effects never before seen or heard of for the matter.

  10. I might as well chime in on this now,

    I own the Red Gaff Deck from Ellusionist, and I use it a fair bit. I even have a routine based around ALL gaff cards that I thought up of. But, the thing is I'm satisfied with all the cards I own in the deck. I don't see myself purchasin another one for a long time, unless Ultra Gaff has a few things that really appeal to me.

    If Theory11 were to create and market at Gaff Deck I don't think it would be the smartest idea. There is numerous resources for finding gaff cards and any cards that are going to be in the deck have to be original. And it is very hard to come up with gaff ideas that fit into the real world, and have routines behind them that are possible to achieve, since a huge portion of the gaff cards have already been thought up.

    That is personally my opinion, I think the magic community has enough Card Gaffs, and Gimmicks. Find new and interesting ideas instead, something we've never seen.

  11. personally, i have no need for gaff decks. i think magic is so much stronger when you have no set up, just a regular deck. my 0.02
  12. Ye man whats with that? E decks are awesome~!
  13. I dont know about a Gaff deck.

    I have every E gaff deck.. and the only one i use is the red gaff.

    And it would most likely be a waste for T11 To come up with their own.. although, i'm no expert on that subject.

    Plus.. I am Quite happy with the card the guardians come with.
  14. Ok guys, I know a lot of people here just hate the E decks only because they hate E: but I bet you that if T11 sold them, you wouldn't be talking so much smack. And anyways, they're gaff decks, and other custom decks in general are awesome. In fact, later this year Ellusionist will be releasing the Ultragaff; a gaff deck made only by Wayne Houchin and Daniel Garcia. Because yes, they release products for both T11 AND E.

    Now getting on topic, I think a Guardians or Brown Wynn gaff deck would be awesome. And a lot of new gaff concepts could easily be done with them . . .
  15. If Theory11 were to release a gaff deck, it wouldnt be for normal bicycle cards, it would be for Gaurdians.
  16. Exactly. :p

  17. What i would like to see is some nice hard steel cases that hold the gaffs T11 already makes..

    I could really use one of those.
  18. I think I would be nice is T11 had a gaff deck for the bicycle Guardians. I mean, there are many types of gaff for a regular deck and would be pointless and repetitive for them to make more gaff for just plain Bicycles. If they made gaffs for Guardians, You wouldn't even need to swtich decks for different gaffed effects.

    on another note...

    I'd like to see someone make gaffs for those good ol' Tally Ho's...

    just my 2 cents
  19. Thank you man
    You T11 freaks have to get your ass off this band wagon that your kicking ur feet up on.
    A lot of you have most of the T11 Products, and they take a 'setup'
    so you..yes you (the person that i dont remember the name of), dont comment on you not likeing a 'set up' in a trick when I can ALMOST garuntee that you use the gimmicks that T11 has offerd.

    Cheezus, get off the band wagon, and live ur own life!!!
    E decks are the best out there for resonable prices...
    in the under 20 catagory.

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