theory11 roundtable discussion - Dan and Dave Buck

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. The contest ended at 9pm.

    The podcast will be posted at 11pm.
  2. 1.what made you decide to make the court cards simpler???
    2.tell us more about improv.
    3.when do you expect to be releasing andthensome...
    4.what did you ate for lunch...

  3. wheres the podcast????
  4. The world is waiting.
  5. Great questions in tonight - which made for a very interesting discussion covering all aspects of playing cards, magic, and cardistry - all of the above. Listen to the podcast now by right clicking here for the direct MP3 link, or clicking here to listen to it on the roundtable discussion archive page - it's about 25 minutes in length. Enjoy, and thanks to everyone for participating.

    Tonight's randomly selected winner from this week's SNC is MagicSanj, whose question was included in the podcast recording. Sanj - check your PM's within 24 hours for information on how to claim your prize.
  6. It's not here, be patient guys. Things have to be uploaded to the server and obviously T11 can't predict the exact amount of time it takes to upload so that it exactly coincides with 11PM on the dot.

    They need a full-time mentalist for that.
  7. Alright!
    Congrats, Magicsanj!
  8. Darn, I never win...

    Congrats to the winner anyway.
  9. The podcast has been posted. Download the MP3 directly by right clicking here, or play it in your browser on the roundtable archive page here.
  10. Sweet! I got my question answered!

    Congrats magicsanj!
  11. Just started listening and LOL redirects you to D&D's page.:p

  12. why is dave at six flags this late?! but yeah awsome!
  13. I felt this natural impulse to try it out once I heard them talking about it. :D
  14. YEE, I got these two questions answered. Thanks JB!
  15. what is the first book you read
    what things do you recommend

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