theory11 roundtable discussion - Daniel Garcia Edition

Sep 1, 2007
Your one of the few magicians to not only known for your card work, but also your coin work. How do you become successful in both fields? I have enough trouble as it is with card magic, how the heck am I supposed to also do coin magic. Should I just stick with cards, or should i expand my horizons?
Nov 17, 2007
Submission 1: Could you give us some inside details on a new effect or DVD you are coming out with?
Sep 1, 2007
Without reading the posts above, if I repeat a question I'm sorry

How did you get into magic?
Whats wrong with the magic industry now a days?
Favorite trick of all times, and performer
Apr 25, 2008
1. How do you create many of these original and creative effects?
2. What was the purpose of preforming magic to you?
3. What advice would you give to magicians starting out?
Apr 22, 2008
4. Do you like cardistry?
5. Whats your favorite food, Carne Asada?
6. What do you think about the magic community these days?
Jun 7, 2008
DC area
danny you are one of my favorite magicians and really helped me when i was first starting up. and you are also really funny.

1) Did you ever figure out what that thing was that flew in your eye when you were with wayne filming control?

2) how old were you when you created your first trick?

3) what was the first trick you every created and what is the effect and why?

4) Do you have any plans to work with theory11 with your own DVD?

5) what is your favorite trick to perform and why?

6) how old are you?

7) how long have you been doing magic for?

8) what was thhe first trick you every did and to who?

9) if you could only do one trick with the same method of doing it for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

10) What are the effects for the new dvd that you are doing for ellusionist?

11) when is your ellusionist dvd coming out?

12) What advice would you give to a magician that is just starting magic?

13) What magician was your favorite when you were first starting magic)

ok thats all that i could think of... for now
May 10, 2008
1- What is your opinion on custom decks?
2-Have you always had an un-serious approach to performing magic or did you just fall into it?
3-what are your plans for the future other than your new project. (ie. lectures, live performances, etc.)


Aug 31, 2007
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Wow, this should be a great one, here are my questions...

1) I think it has come apparent to most of us that your one of your best creations is TORN and the up and comming TORN TOO. It just so happens that these are both torn and restored cards and my question to you is why do you like this plot so much?

2) What tricks are going to be on your up and comming DVD entitled BENTTOUCHSLINK?

3) When growing up and being an up and comming magician, did you believe that you had something different then every other magician in the world?

Good luck everyone and may the best man win!
Jan 5, 2008
1. If you had a soundtrack to your magic, what songs would be on it?
2. Is there any effect, slight, or move that you have been unable to master?
3. Which do you feel is more conducive to learning magic: books, videos, or should they both be utilized?

I just wanted to add as a side note, when I first saw a video of white or wheat, I absolutely flipped out trying to figure it out!
Jul 26, 2008
How hard was it to go from a magician just breaking into the art to the professional status you’ve achieved today, and was there ever a point in time where you lost interest in magic for one reason or another?
Dec 23, 2007
Fredonia, NY
1)what is the funniest memory you have with a member of the T11 staff

2) what is the most recent magic product (produced by someone else) that you have purchased

3) what is your favorite type of audience to perform for? aka age group, location, etc
Sep 1, 2007
Whats it like being a role model to thousands of people? Knowing there are people out there that want to be just like you? Is there a lot of pressure involved?
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